Regardless of the type of car you prefer, from SUV to muscle car, it can reveal distinct aspects of your personality. This is not necessarily the car you drive, as circumstances often play a role in our choice. You may be a sports car fan but compromised and bought a family car because you have kids to cart around. Determine what your preference is and see what it reveals below.


Hatchbacks are practical cars. The benefits are ease of parking and maneuvering through traffic, and low fuel costs. Owners of hatchbacks tend to embody the quality of practicality and weigh their choices for the sensible alternative. They are not overly concerned with trying to impress others with their possessions or looking for approval. These drivers tend to enjoy a natural level of contentment with life in general. This is due to a carefree, optimistic outlook and friendly nature. Hatchback owners want value from what they own and are level-headed.


SUVs are the exact opposite of hatchbacks. They are expensive to run, bulky, and difficult to park. However, their calling card is the aura of power that they present. SUV owners love to be in charge and able to exercise authority over others. They are confident and like to dominate at work and on the road. These drivers will display many of the other trappings of power and like to flaunt their position and possessions. SUV drivers are security-oriented and want a clear view of the road ahead. They are concerned with protecting themselves and their loved ones and can be averse to risk.

Sports Car

Sports car drivers are perceived as party animals, with a high propensity for risk. They like the spotlight and will even endanger themselves recklessly to get attention. They are extroverted and always on the go, except when they are sleeping off a night of fun. Sports car owners love to travel and meet people. They can be loud, even rambunctious. Not everyone is prepared to cut them the slack they desire and more ordinary people with tame lives are inclined to frown on their seemingly immature behavior. The latter may even write them off as crazy. Yet, despite this, sport car drivers excel in their interactions with others and have a natural leadership capacity.

Driving and maintaining a sports car is expensive, not to mention the purchase price. Many aspiring drivers only manage to buy one with their retirement packages. Even if you are lucky enough to own one, the option to sell to save on costs may loom large. You can sell your Lamborghini Murcielago quickly and use the money to buy a more practical vehicle, with plenty of cash to spare.

Muscle Car

Muscle cars are for people who appreciate power and speed on the road in a solid vehicle. Strangely, most muscle car drivers are introverted and turn inwards when they feel the need for comfort, rather than reaching out to others. Your quiet self-confidence can get under some people’s skins. But when they get to know you, they find a loyal friend. You are also likely to be very creative.

Did you find the type of car that defines you? You should have some new insights into yourself after reading these descriptions. Don’t worry if it wasn’t 100% accurate as personality tests always leave some room for interpretation or overlap.