Science: Online Dating Is Bullsh*t

Bad news for online dating goers. According to Smart Scientists its all a bunch of hocus pocus. The good news is it still sort of works by accident, and might cause sex!

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Email has evolved dramatically since its inception. From a basic communication tool, it has transformed into a sophisticated platform with features that cater to diverse user needs. In today's digital age, personalization is not just a luxury but a necessity.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 27, 2023 02:53
Homeowners around the globe are aware that exceptional security should be at the highest level, and the need for a secure home solution has never been more in demand. In this guide, you will find everything you need for your home security ━ alarm systems, security cameras, and tips on how to use them. Also, essential locksmith solutions can ensure your security system is in working order. Let’s look at the top home security brands that allow you to step confidently into your new safe house without the fear of intruders.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 16, 2023 17:10
Should I buy Bitcoin? What steps one needs to consider before buying Bitcoin?

Frequently asked questions “Should I buy Bitcoin?” and “What steps one needs to consider before buying Bitcoin?” We did not put together these two questions by accident.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 16, 2023 16:59
Smart home integration simplifies your life with convenience and efficiency. Syncing your air conditioner timer with other home gadgets is exciting. No more manually setting the thermostat or going around to manage appliances. Smart home technology lets you construct an integrated system of devices that work together to maximize comfort and energy savings. Having 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd can further maximize the comfort.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 15, 2023 14:01
In the rapidly evolving realm of mobile app development, Flutter has taken center stage as a revolutionary technology, transforming the way cross-platform applications are created. At the heart of this innovation lies the Flutter development company, a specialized entity with the expertise and prowess to craft exceptional applications that surpass industry standards. In this article, we embark on an exploration of the unrivaled capabilities of a Flutter development company, shedding light on why it has emerged as the go-to partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge and captivating app solutions.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 09, 2023 11:26
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an essential element of industrial automation, designed to perform three primary functions - supervision, control, and data acquisition. SCADA system typically comprise an architecture consisting of one or more computers dedicated to supervisory tasks as well as human-machine interface implementation (HMI), peripheral devices like Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), I/O modules and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) connected with process machinery, as well as communication networks that facilitate proper data exchange between these peripheral devices and supervisory computers.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 08, 2023 14:46
In the software development landscape, the potential risks posed by undiscovered bugs and vulnerabilities cannot be underestimated, even for the most promising projects. The challenges are evident - from investing countless hours in manual testing to facing critical defects slipping through the cracks and projects experiencing indefinite delays. However, a ray of hope emerges with the impressive alliance of API testing tools.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Aug 02, 2023 15:47
Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable, but sometimes they can also make annoying noises that disturb your peace and quiet. If you have ever wondered what causes the noise in ceiling fans and how to fix it, Todaysfans is here to help. Here are some of the most common reasons why ceiling fans make noise and what you can do to solve them.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 27, 2023 17:00
In the digital age, businesses must keep up with the fast-paced online marketplace to thrive. A robust, visually appealing, and user-friendly website is paramount. In this regard, opting for professional website design, Doncaster could be the game-changer your business needs.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 14, 2023 11:21
Clunky software can slow down your business. The constant need for updates, maintenance, and expensive IT infrastructure can easily frustrate and make you feel stuck in a technological quicksand. Every business owner who hustles day in and day out wants to stay ahead of the game. Unfortunately, this can be difficult if your current software solution holds you back and bogs you down with its limitations and inefficiencies.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 13, 2023 00:12
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