Brown Eyed Soul's Naul releases teaser video for 'You From The Same Time' featuring Yoo Seung Ho

The teaser video for Brown Eyed Soul's Naul's upcoming solo single 'You From The Same Time' has been released today.

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Brown Eyed Soul's Naul will be the first one to start the group's comeback relay single project.

On February 2nd, Santa Music updated the cover image for Brown Eyed Soul's single project with Naul's name and '1.FIRST: 2.05', indicating released date for his upcoming solo track.  Read more
Brown Eyed Soul's Naul is currently holding his solo art exhibit entitled "COLLAGEARL Naul’s Private Exhibition.”It showcases Naul's attraction to pieces made from thrown away materials. Naul said, “I don’t know why I’m fascinated to these recycled materials, ...I feel aesthetic value in them.” The event will also feature Naul’s famous LP Collage series, digital print pieces and self-designed eco-friendly bags and phone cases.Actually, Naul is not new to this kind. He's a fine arts major, and he already held a solo exhibition entitled “drawing 05” in Seoul in 2006 and in Osaka, Japan in July 2013. If you are interested, you can visit Bangbae-dong’s Gallery Toast from October 25 to November 17.Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Soul will release their 10-year anniversary album sometime before November. written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.netSOURCE: koreaherald  Read more
Naul made a comeback on his twitter after a three-month no update from him.He shared a photo with this caption, “'I'm back after my showcase in Osaka, Japan! Thank you so much to everyone who spent time with me at the showcase! Naul & Noh Jun‘s duo exhibition will be at Osaka’s Gallery Kaze until the 17th”.일본 오사카 전시 오픈 잘 마치고 돌아왔습니다! 전시회에 와주신 모든 분들 정말 고맙습니다! 오사카 카제 갤러리에서 나얼&노준 2인전이 17일 까지 계속 됩니다.  Read more
Brown Eyed Soul that debuted on September 17, 2003 will celebrate their 10th year anniversary in music industry with a release of new songs this October.  Read more
Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul sweeps the dirt to clear his side regarding rumors about Han Hye Jin, his ex-girlfriend, and Secret’s Song Jieun.  Read more
Talented singer Younha will be making her comeback this April and she has now released a preview track for her much-anticipated album.  Read more
Talented singers Younha and Naul were spotted working together for their upcoming collaboration track, “It’s Not Like That”.

The revealed pictures show Younha and Naul looking cute together as they team up in the studio. They seem to discuss seriously about their song, creating expectancy for their fans.  Read more
Nam Gyuri hyped up the fans by dropping hints at a possible music comeback.

The singer-turned-actress, who was previously the leader of the original girl group SeeYa, has concentrated on her acting career for the past years. She left her fans buzzing with excitement with hints at a possible comeback to the music industry.  Read more
Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul has been maintaining an impressive 1st rank on Billboard‘s ‘KPop Hot 100’ chart for the past two weeks.  Read more
Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul proved himself one of the strongest vocalists by making a strong debut at No. 1 on this week’s Billboard chart.  Read more
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