Tiffany wins her first solo trophy from "The Show" today with "I Just Wanna Dance" but aside from messages of congratulations, netizens are also adoring her cute interaction with Infinite's Woohyun.  Read more
Woohyun excites fans even more with the release of a prologue film for 'Write'.  Read more
Real Name: Kim Sung GyuStage Name: SunggyuNicknames: Leader, Hamster, Honey SungkyuBirthday: 28-04-1989Position: Leader and Main VocalistHeight: 178cmWeight: 64kgBlood Type: A  Read more
Woollim drops the bomb as they announce  Infinite member Nam Woo Hyun's solo debut with a teaser image.  Read more
SISTAR Bora and Infinite Sungyeol once again show off their friendship.

Previously, the duo surprises with their skinship in the recent episode of "Law of the Jungle" and it turned out the two are close friends and very comfortable with each other. Since then, fans adore their friendship and look forward to more of their interaction on the show.  Read more
Infinite's maknae and flower boy Sungjong is being compared to AOA's Seolhyun and we're not complaining here.

Sungjong shares a selfie with Seolhyun during their stay in Tonga for "Law of The Jungle". In the photo, Sungjong and Seolhyun bare their face while wearing their jackets. However, while Seolhyun looks undeniably pretty with her hair put in a bun netizens can't resist comparing Sungjong's face to hers.  Read more
INFINITE Hoya provides fans with some eye candy with his latest photos.

Check out the photos below:

  Read more
On tonight's episode of "Law of the Jungle in PANAMA", Infinite Sungyeol and SISTAR Bora display their friendship and viewers have gotten fond of the pair.  Read more
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