[Info] Daily Visitors of Female Group's Daum Fancafes!

On Sunday, March 4th 2012, the list of the Daily Visitors of Female Group's Daum Fancafes has been revealed.

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On February 27th, boy group B.A.P shared a group photo on Daum Cafe.  Read more
The official pictures of B.A.P from the fansigning event have been uploaded on Daum.  Read more
Boyfriend's Hyunseong posted his message on Daum after not posting for a long time.

Read his message below.


[From. Hyunseong♡] It’s been a long time since I’ve left a message!!!Is everyone doing well?? It’s really been a while since I’ve left a message…..I didn’t intend it to be like this, I’m really sorryI’ve also wanted to leave a message, I keep forgettingAnd I’m too busyYou have to understand me~~~~~~Ah!! The sound of everyone cheering has been extremely loud these days, I feel very happy when I’m on stageI’m not kidding, everyone knows, right?/Have you been watching W Military Academy??ㅎㅎㅎㅎReality shows are so tough…ㅜㅜYou’ll continue giving your utmost support, right?? I’ve been doing well recently~~ㅎㅎㅎI believe in Bestfriends!!!!Dudoong!! Today is the day of the fansigning event!!!It’s been so long since we held a fansigning event, I’m really happy today!!!!~~~Ah, and because immediately after today’s fansigning event, we’ll have a schedule, so we held the fansigning in a very rushed manner, it’s a pity….“Quickly, quickly do it”, It was like that, please understand thatYou’ll understand, right??!! Don’t hate us!!!!It’s been a long time since I left a message, so I have many things I want to sayI cannot fully express my heart with words…… Even if it’s like this, everyone understands my heart, right??ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎWell then, I’ll write till here~~~ㅎㅎㅎ I will come again, so please look forward to it!!!Bye~~~Ppyong!!!!!!  Read more
Members of rookie group B1A4 are active on Daum Cafe. They post their messages for fans on the said site. This time, another message from Donghyun was posted.   Read more
Boyfriend's Kwangmin posted a message on Daum Cafe after a long time.  Read more
Boyfriend's Jeongmin also left his message for the fans on their Daum Cafe.  Read more
f(x)'s Luna's picture was uploaded on Daum Cafe.

Luna's photo above was shared on Daum and garners lots of attention. Luna's plain facial expression in the picture proves that she is indeed pretty even if she doesn't show her precious smile.  Read more
Boyfriend's Donghyun recently posted his message for Bestfriends who support them and now, Youngmin left his message for the fans on Daum Cafe.

Read his message below.  Read more
On January 20th, Boyfriend's Donghyun posted a new message for their fans on Daum Cafe. 

Read his message below.

Boyfriend received the Newcomer Award at the Seoul Music Awards^^Yesterday during the acceptance speech I was so nervous and couldn’t speak but Bestfriends, thank you so much.I wasn’t feeling especially well yesterday but I was able to get stronger because of the cheers^^Our Bestfriends are the best !! Boyfriend and Bestfriends have the world’s best relationship as singers and fans^^.Holidays are coming soon so spend them well and stay healthyPlease watch the Golden Disk awards today too^^ See you later at the Music Bank recording babies*~~trans by jaein @boyfriend-translations  Read more
Boyfriend's Youngmin left his message for their fans on Daum Cafe!  Read more
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