Boom to return to 'Star King' after 3 years

Boom will make his return to SBS's 'Star King' after 3 years.

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We will get to see Super Junior's Leeteuk hosting SBS's 'Star King' alongside Kang Ho Dong again after 3 years!  Read more
It seems Kwanghee just got his slip of the tongue moment about his private love life.  Read more
MBLAQ's Mir visited 'Star King' that he might regretted.

He was asked to break a pile of 15 wooden chopsticks in half with his butt! MC Boom made sure that he would set him up for the challenge.  Read more
Kang Ho Dong is expected to make a comeback in the industry via SBS "Star King" and a lot are anticipating his return to the variety show. However, SBS will be making sure everything will be as secured and controlled as possible. On the 25th of October, a representative from SBS shared, "There is a schedule for Kang Ho Dong to film for Star King this coming 29th. We will be having a controlled and secured filming for his first recording".  Read more
Comedian and host Kang Ho Dong recently confirmed his return to ‘Star King’ and his first official comeback date has been decided.  Read more
South Korean girl group T-ara was on the 252nd episode of Star King.  Read more
Hilarious comedy brothers appeared on Star King.

In SBS TV ‘Amazing Competition Star King’ aired on November 26th, Comedy Brothers appeared and showed the pantomime acts.   Read more
SHINee Onew teared up after eat a really spicy meat with one mouthful of meat and lettuce. Hodong asked whether it spicy or delicious and cutely onew said he felt both.check this video!  Read more
Singer Kan Mi Yeon was embarrassed for her skinny body!

On the October 8 broadcast of SBS Star King, 2001 Miss korea was a guest and she talked about the various diets and exercise she had to stay fit and to maintain her sexy S-Line figure.  Read more
Miss A Suzy and Choi Hyunwoo showed an amazing magic trick on the latest episode of Star King that aired on August 21st. Choi Hyunwoo's magic trick makes Suzy ... Let's watch his magic trick below  Read more
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