Yang Jung Won Under Fire For Back-Stabbing Secret's Hyosung!

Source: Yang Jung Won under controversy for talking behind Hyosung "I think she got surgery on her gums"

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[+1,136 -167] Was the makeup artist of Hyo Seong drunk? What's wrong with the makeup?  Read more
On September 22nd episode of MBC’s ‘Quiz That Changes The World’, SECRET’s Hyosung appeared as guest and shared her feelings about the fans’ response on her weight loss.  Read more
Secret's Hyo Seong updated her twitter account on the 2nd of April and you can really tell that she lost a lot of weight with her slimmer face. On the 2nd of April she said, "Its Secret time! I hope you are doing well" and shared a couple of selca's.  Read more
Recently, SECRET performed at the "Kpop Collection Fashion Concert" which was held today March 11, 2012. On stage, Hyo Seong was met with a slight problem but she keeps her calm composure and finished the performance as if nothing happened.  Read more
Hyo Seong never fails to impress with her selca's and this time she once again stuns fans with her recent selca. On the 5th of March, she updated her twitter saying, "I really thankful for all the fans who came this morning. Let's have a lot of fun!" and shared a selca.  Read more
Secret's Hyo Seong's past graduation photo's gets revealed! Recently, on an online community, several photo's of Hyo Seong was shared with the title "Secret's Hyo Seung's graduation picture".  Read more
SECRET leader Hyosung proved that she's one of the most notable "Bagel Girls". (Bagel Girl is Korean term to describe female celebrities with ‘baby’ faces and ‘glamorous’ figures)  Read more
TS Entertainment reported on November 23rd that the leader of the popular group Secret, Hyo-sung, hurt herself falling down the stairs.  Read more
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