MyVegas is a popular Playstudios slot app that many people believe should be called the best slots app on the market today. It’s hard to fight the logic behind it. It provides players with in-game loyalty points that can be exchanged for great rewards.

Earning Loyal Points

The MyVegas Slot app is easy to navigate and it doesn’t take long to the hang of the game. You get a generous number of chips to start playing, and if you are careful with how you use them, you can easily turn that measly 200,000 chips into 20 or 30 million chips in about 2 hours. You can earn loyalty points by joining specific events or playing specially designated games.

The best way to earn loyaltypoints, however, is by connecting and playing directly through Facebook. You can gain a larger amount of points in a shorter amount of time. Even though there is a cap on how many points you can earn per day, you can hit the cap faster through Facebook.

This leads most people to play the game through Facebook and they typically stop playing for the day once they hit their limit. This limits the number of chips they earn per day. Playing with the slots app, while it takes longer to hit the loyalty points cap, allows players the opportunity to earn more chips than those who play on Facebook. This means that the scales balance out in the end and it doesn’t matter what method you prefer to play the game.

Plan Ahead For Your Rewards

The best advice for selecting your rewards is to plan ahead. If you know when you are going to be heading to Vegas, make sure you start saving your points and placing larger bets for better rewards. You can also jump into numerous special events to further increase your odds of maxing out on your loyalty points.