Pants might look easy enough, but not everyone knows how dress up without looking like you don't know what you're doing. By following this self-check guide below before you leave the house, you'll avoid looking like you pinched your dad's pants.

Know your body

Just like every other item of clothing, the key to buying good trousers is to understand your own body shape. Or else you'll end up wearing pants so tight they could pass off for leggings (don't be that guy).

Be honest with yourself about what's reflecting in that mirror. If you have large hips you should opt for a slightly roomier leg. Guys with chicken legs should stick to thicker fabric with a higher waist will help add volume. If your calves are a little on thick side, than opt for a more tapered style.

Consult a tailor

The best way to get an idea of what you should be wearing is to visit a reputable tailor and ask him which cuts will work best on your frame. He'll know how the pants need to be cut so that they sit on the waist and not fall round the hips to avoid gaping around the front or back. 

Put fabrics first

Just like a good suit, good fabrics can make all the difference. Cotton with a touch of elastine is a great option since it's crease-resistant, slightly weightier than usual and offers a little more stretch room when needed. And make sure you learn your way around the ironing board, because creases in suits defeat the purpose.

Get on board with a taper

Slim should never equate to tight, no matter what today's trends might indicate. So whatever size you are, your trousers should always hover about half a centimeter away from your skin while standing, It should also feature a slight taper that follows the natural line of your leg. Any stretches in fabric around the groin, bum or thigh should be avoided at all costs.

When in doubt, go higher

The general rule for trousers is that it should sit just above your hips, hang over your bum and flow down the leg. Only truly straight frames can get away with wearing their trousers a little lower.

Let go of your belt

A good pair of trousers should still stay up without the need of a belt, which is more of an accessory anyway. If your weight tends to fluctuate, then opt for trousers with side adjusters (it'll be your best kept secret!)

Take a seat

When sitting, the hem of your pants should be at the same level as the highest lace of your shoe or slightly higher if you prefer a cropped style. And if shouldn't bunch, which is when excess material hangs down at the back. This results in unsightly fraying and makes your legs look much shorter than they actually are.

Knees up

If you sit a lot at the office, be sure to pull up your trousers a few inches as you sit to avoid creating knee indentations in the fabric.

Pay attention to hue

Dark shades are suitable for everyone, while slimmer frames are more able to pull off paler colours.