Fall is not too far away, and many people salivate when they think about the new football season. College football will come back with new and classic rivalry games, while the NFL will also return. The Los Angeles Rams look to defend their Superbowl title, while the upstart Cincinnati Bengals want to return to the big game and possibly walk with the team’s first championship this year.

The NFL’s return also means fantasy football for millions of Americans all around the country. You can find fantasy leagues everywhere, and if you don’t locate one you like at work or school, you can always start one and recruit some friends or family members to play with you.

You might also start reading fantasy football articles if you’re not doing that yet. If you look online, you’ll find tons of those articles, many of them published weekly or even daily.

Which ones should you read, though? Presumably, you only have limited time for article reading since you probably work and have familial responsibilities. Let’s discuss what you might want from your ideal fantasy football column.

Value for the Money

You can find some free fantasy football columns and articles if you look around for them. All you need to do is Google something like “free fantasy football articles” or “free fantasy football advice,” and you’ll likely see dozens of options, if not hundreds.

This clearly shows fantasy football’s remarkable popularity, but again, which ones should you read? Maybe you feel like you’d prefer one of the articles or columns that only appears behind a paywall.

Just as many fantasy football articles appear behind paywalls as those that don’t. Maybe you don’t mind spending a bit of money to read an article if you feel like it’s insightful and better than any of the free alternatives.

You’ll have to take some time to think about that. If you’ve got disposable income and feel you’re getting value for the articles, that’s fine. Just remember, though, free fantasy football articles also exist, and you can usually find them all over the web.

Genuinely Informative Strategies You Can Use

Whether you go with an article behind a paywall or a free one, you probably want the one you regularly read to feature genuinely informative strategies and advice you can use. Presumably, you read these articles because you play in a fantasy football league or more than one. Some people play in several during the season.

Nobody plays fantasy football because they want to lose. They crave the bragging rights that come with victory or even the cash prizes in some instances.

You want the articles you read to reveal some strategies that will help you dominate your league. If it seems like the articles don’t deliver the information you want or the writer doesn’t know the game very well, it’s probably not worth your time to keep going back to that source again and again.

Humor or a Unique Author Voice

You will also probably find if you read a few different fantasy football articles that each one has a slightly different voice. That’s due to the author, who will put their own unique stamp on this popular genre.

You will see the same thing with any kind of writing. If you read a fiction book, whether in the sci-fi genre, or fantasy, crime, horror, or anything else, you’ll probably like the book only as much as you like the author’s style. You’ll likely feel the same about a magazine article, or a comic book, or anything else someone writes.

With that in mind, look for an author who writes fantasy football articles that entertain you as well as inform you. You want to get valuable information from the articles, but you also don’t want them to bore you to tears during the time you dedicate to reading them.  

The Proper Length

You also probably want to look for articles you can read relatively quickly. Maybe you like to read your preferred author’s fantasy football column while you’re on the train riding to work, or on a bus, or while drinking your morning coffee. You can’t spend several hours reading a fantasy football column unless you don’t have to work and you have virtually no responsibilities.

These articles shouldn’t take up an entire morning or afternoon, no matter how thrilling they seem. You’re trying to get some tips to help your team win, not read War and Peace.

No Spammy Websites

People read fantasy football columns at different times and in different ways. For instance, maybe you work from home. If so, you might read your favorite fantasy football article when it comes out each week before you clock in and officially start work for the day. Maybe you’ll read it on your tablet while sitting at the breakfast table or perhaps on your desktop while sitting in your home office.

Websites generally host bloggers or reporters who write fantasy football articles. Sometimes, you’ll read these articles on a sports app instead. Whatever the case, you don’t want to read the column on a spammy website or with a non-functional application.

You’ve probably seen spammy websites and apps before. They often feature lots of popup ads. You can’t get through a column without having to get rid of all the popups that try to overwhelm your phone, tablet, or laptop screen.

You might have to read articles behind paywalls to get rid of those ads, but not necessarily. If you look around for a bit, you can probably find sports websites or apps that feature fantasy football columns you like that don’t require you to deal with the constant headaches popup ads bring.

You want quick and easy functionality from the site or app that hosts your favorite fantasy football articles. If you like a writer but can’t stand the spammy site that hosts them, you might have to go with another option at some point.