If you are new to investing in Bitcoins, you are one of the enthusiast crypto traders out there. Being the first cryptocurrency, it has gained a wide popularity due to some exclusive features associated. Though the digital currency has remained dominant, there are some other cryptocurrencies where the investors will be able to invest and enjoy lucrative benefits. 

Want to know about those cryptocurrencies? Below are the names of top three cryptocurrencies where you may opt to make an investment. 

What are Cryptocurrencies Famous for?

Cryptocurrency refers to digital currencies that are processed in the form of tokens. Some of them have been able to venture into the physical world, while others are still intangible in nature. Their complex algorithms make them among highly secured options to invest. No third party can show involvement in any of the functioning process of Bitcoins. 

Cryptocurrencies are typically designed to operate free from the government supervision. The ones that have emerged after the Bitcoin refer to as altcoins. If you are planning to switch the game from Bitcoin to other forms of crypto, then below are three different alternatives that will help in the future. 

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest Other than Bitcoin

The early you learn to invest; easier it will become easy to secure your future. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has proved to be a boon for the investment industry. People are learning about the benefits of investing in the right place. Below are three more alternatives to the same that have helped the investors to a high extent. Read on to know more to have an overall better understanding!

1. Ethereum – Ethereum, abbreviated as ETH is the first alternative to Bitcoin. It is also a decentralized crypto software that enables easy building and running of operations. The smart contracts and decentralized applications make them a comparable option. As none of the third parties will be able to access any of the data, you as an investor need not worry about any of the fraudulent activities.

Regardless of the ethnicity and nationality, it is possible for anyone to access Ethereum. Launched in 2015, it is the second-largest digital currency to invest after Bitcoin. It lags by a dominant margin. Still, it can be used for codifying, decentralizing, securing and trading without any fail. The consensus algorithm of ETH comprises of proof of work and proof of stake. The move is all about permitting the network of Ethereum to run with less energy and highly improved transaction.

2. Polkadot – Poladot, also known by the name of DOT refers to a unique PoS cryptocurrency is aimed at delivering high interoperability. The protocol of DOT has been designed exclusively for connecting highly permissioned and ordinary blockchains plus oracles. They allow the systems to work together uninterruptedly under the same roof. Relay chain refers to the core component of DOT that permits interoperability of variable networks. 

Polkadot helps the developers to create their own blockchains by taking into usage the security features. In case of Ethereum, developers get the freedom to create their new blockchains but they need to create their own measures related to security.  It may leave the smaller projects prone to big attacks due to small length of Blockchain. 

3. Dogecoin – Dogecoin is another popular type of cryptocurrency that makes the use of Shiba Inu as the avatar. It is accepted as a specific type of payment by some of the major companies. Kronos, Dallas Mavericks and SpaceX are some of the most renowned tech giant companies that accepts Dogecoins. This is another alternate that can be used by investors apart from Bitcoin. 

Created by two software engineers namely Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus around 2013; it has now gained a wide popularity among investment enthusiasts. Every time, the price of the DOGE hits approx. around 0.75 cents. The market capitalization is around billions. The value associated with a single Dogecoin is arpoun 10 cents, making it among the 13th mostly known cryptocurrency of the world.

Final Words 

These are some exclusively known cryptocurrencies in the world other than Bitcoin that have made a remarkable presence in the minds of the investors. If you are a first-timecryptocurrency investor, you should start with smaller amounts of investments. Once you come across an appreciable success, it will become easy to increase the amount.