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Rawalpindi, known as the City of Dreams, is a city in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is located along the international border with Afghanistan and is the capital of Rawalpindi province. The city has a population of over 1 million people and is the seat of both the provincial government and the unicameral Rawalpindi Assembly. Rawalpindi was founded by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1757 as a new capital for his empire on the banks of the River Rawalpindi. It was renamed Lahore in 1758 to honour his majesty, Shah Jahan’s father.  Read more
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It is fair to say that the global cryptocurrency market is huge right now and getting more popular with each passing year. You only have to look at the headlines Bitcoin generates in the mainstream media compared to when it first launched for proof of this. Due to this increased level of awareness globally, many people are now choosing to invest in digital cash online. When you think of the potential this offers for profit and the fun that trading in crypto coins brings, it is no surprise. Choosing to invest in this asset is also a great way of diversifying your current portfolio and adding more interest to your trading journey. Before you start, though, knowing how to invest in digital coins safely is wise. But how can you do this? Check the latest crypto prices each day One of the best tips for safely investing in crypto is doing your research each day before placing any trades. Looking at OKX cryptocurrency prices, for example, will mean you are operating from a position of knowledge and know the latest market moves on which to base trading decisions. As the crypto market is such a fast-moving one, this is something essential that you must do at the start of each trading session. By checking the latest prices for popular coins you might be thinking of investing in, you’ll avoid a nasty surprise after placing an order. Although there is no way to guarantee success when trading any asset, taking the time to see the latest information on how individual coins are performing should really help. Choose which platform to invest with carefully As with trading assets like stocks or FX on the world’s financial markets, you must carefully choose where to trade cryptocurrencies. The huge level of interest in digital cash means that there are more platforms and exchanges than ever to sign up with. Not all are created equal, though, and you must take your time to fully research any that you may trust your details with. Common things to look out for include how good the customer support is, what coins they offer to trade in, how quick withdrawals are, what their fees are and how easy the platform is to use. It is also important to look at what on-site security measures they use. As with taking steps to be more secure online personally, investment platforms should also focus on their security levels. While many investors will opt for a pure crypto exchange, there are other reputable investment platforms that also enable you to get involved with digital cash. Ease yourself in to begin with A good tip for investing in this digital asset safely is simply starting off small. As with any new asset, it is never a good idea to try running before you can walk. Investing in cryptocurrencies is no different and it is not wise to be making big market moves on your first few trades. A much more sensible approach is to start off with some smaller trades and get a feel for how the market performs. Many people will also stick with the more familiar coins they have heard lots about (such as Bitcoin) when getting to know trading on this market. By doing this, you limit your losses if you make any mistakes as a beginner, and put less pressure on yourself as you learn the crypto market. Think about using a crypto wallet In the same way as there are some lesser-known streaming services to use, some investors going into crypto do not know about these specialist wallets. Although you technically don’t need your own private crypto wallet to trade or store coins on an exchange, most traders go this route. In terms of staying safe when investing in digital cash, it does make perfect sense. Setting up your own cryptocurrency wallet means you have full control over your coins and who has access to them. In addition, the best wallets come with high-end security features that help keep your precious digital assets fully secure. Whether you go with a hot (online) wallet or cold (offline) one, this is a great tip for safer trading. Staying safe when trading crypto is essential The simple truth is that focusing on staying safe when investing in any asset on the world’s financial markets makes sense. This is true for bonds, shares or the FX market. Cryptocurrencies are no exception and it makes total sense to get to grips with this before starting your journey. The good news is that this is not too difficult to achieve. As the above shows, there are some easy and effective ways for crypto traders to stay out of danger.  Read more
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Do you want to make money as an affiliate marketer? Affiliate marketing is a system of making money without owning the product. Running an iGaming affiliate business is one of the best ways to make money without spending much money.  Read more
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