Without your employees, your business is simply a shell. Therefore, you spend time looking for the perfect candidate that will do the best job. Little did you know that even the best employees could be stealing from you…and not in the way that you think. 

They might not be physically stealing goods or equipment. However, they could be stealing time, which might even be costing you more than a missing product or two!

Hence, without being digitized your business is subjected to possible time theft and buddy punching. Sounds like you're doomed? Not at all: by installing a time tracking app, you can cut out time theft and increase revenue - all while removing the headache you’ve likely been dealing with up and until now. 

If you’re still not sure, we will now explain why time tracking is more useful for your business than you realize.

Provide Transparency 

When you are an owner or a manager, you strive to be transparent. Being digitized allows you to understand how long tasks take to complete. You can set achievable goals for your staff. Your staff can also be accountable as they know how long projects take to complete. 

Better Communication

Communication in your workplace is just as important as location. When you have good communication throughout, you can achieve excellence. Your employees should feel comfortable coming forward with their concerns. They can let their leadership know if they require more hours to complete their deadlines. Managers can learn where each employee’s strengths and weaknesses lie and offer relevant training. Employees will feel much more relaxed to approach management with any questions regarding their work. 

Using an Employee Time Tracking App

Implementing an employee time tracking app is a step in the right direction to achieve transparency and communication. Apps such as Connecteam have far more to offer you than just their time clock. 

Connecteam’s employee time tracking app is user-friendly, meaning even the least tech-savvy can begin using it without any problem. Employees clock in and out via their mobile devices. With built-in GPS geofence, you can set the exact location where your workers should be clocking in from, and they won’t be able to clock in from outside this location. The benefit of doing so will allow you to know that your employees are actually on the site. In addition, you can ensure you pay the correct sum for employees' wages. 

With added GPS breadcrumbs, you can see your employees’ location while they are on the move. The data collected lets you know if your employee is working instead of running personal errands. 

Time theft and buddy punching are no longer possible as employees receive automatic reminders to clock in and out. As well as when they have reached their max allowed working hours. Therefore, no employee can take on more overtime without permission. 

In addition, you are able to lock the timesheet. As a consequence, employees are unable to make changes to the timesheet without approval. 

If your workers work from the same site, you can use the kiosk app. The app is on a stationary tablet for your workers to clock in and out via a unique passcode. Therefore, employees don’t even require a smartphone!

If you are still not yet digitized, payroll can be a headache. You end up running around trying to call and chase employees for their hours. You may be waiting for them to fill in their timesheets, or they disagree with the hours you’ve got written down. Connecteam’s time clock puts an end to all that, thanks to its seamless integration with Quickbooks Online. Once your workers clock in and out, all of that data is automatically sent to Quickbooks Online, ready for payroll. Hence, you are no longer paying for hours that you don't believe were worked, but also removing even more headache from your administrative processes!  

Connecteam’s advanced technology has a lot more to offer than its market-leading time clock. The scheduling feature is second to none, along with task management capabilities, chat, and more. 

Boost Productivity

Productivity is paramount to making your business successful. It’s a key ingredient that you always try to perfect. For that reason, using a time tracking app can make all the difference. You are able to know if employees are actually completing their tasks. Workers might say yes, and you have no idea if it's true. 

When you set the hours for that task, employees are more likely to complete it. Additionally, time tracking gives you a good idea of who is pushing themselves and who aims to do better. You can always reward those candidates or provide them with training to help them advance their careers. 

The Final Say on Time Tracking

Running a business requires a lot of strategic thinking and being organized. By digitizing your time tracking, you can be that business you strive to be. You can learn how much time is necessary for each task, which can improve your budgeting, productivity, professionalism, and so on. 

As your time clock is digital, payroll becomes a doddle. You cut out the disagreements over who worked what and when. You can get back to growing your business and finding new ventures. Once you become a digital company, you won’t be asking about time tracking. You’ll wonder what took so long!