Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today, an event planner who makes $51,000 a year in Wilsonville, Oregon, spends some of her money on the NFT marketplace.

Occupation: Event Planner
Age: 40

Location: Wilsonville, Oregon, United States
Salary: $51,000 (approx. $1,700 per pay period)

Day One

I scheduled a meeting with a corporate client to plan a company picnic for late next week on Monday. I met my client over lunch, and we discussed their expectations and needs for the event. They wanted a family-friendly event with plenty for children and adults to do, as well as a raffle giveaway. After paying for our lunch, I went home to start planning. After work, I started researching a personal interest of mine, cryptocurrency. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming more popular. So, I searched for the top NFT marketplace and continued my research before heading to bed with my husband.

Total: $20.14

Day Two

On Tuesday, I brainstormed a few concepts and themes for my client’s company picnic and prepared the budget. Afterward, I continued looking into NFTs. These NFTs come in many items, including artwork, digital pets, and more. I found an NFT of artwork and purchased it. Later, I had dinner with my husband, and he brought up going on a weekend getaway. I thought it sounded like a good idea, and we began planning together.
Total: $150.00

Day Three

When I started work on Wednesday, I found the perfect venue and booked it for the company picnic. I also found a reliable company to cater the event and booked them. After work, I continued planning my weekend getaway with my husband. He wants to go out in our recreational vehicle (RV) for some time away from all the hustle and bustle. So, we searched for a premier RV park nearby. Finally, we found a place just a few hours away in North Bend, Oregon. We booked a three-night stay at the RV park and settled in for the night.
Total: $133.20

Day Four

I met with my client on Thursday to check in and cover some more of the picnic details. Thus far, they are happy with my planning and looking forward to the event. We ironed out the rest of the details over lunch, and the only thing left to do is arrive on time next week. Once I got home, my husband and I took a break from our own planning and relaxed with a movie over dinner.
Total: $10.74

Day Five

I took the day off on Friday, as everything is finished with my client’s picnic. My husband and I spent the morning packing for our weekend trip. Then, we left around 10:00 A.M. and stopped to grab groceries for our RV trip. After arriving at the RV park, we spent the day relaxing by ourselves and even played a couple games of horseshoes. We finally ended our day with some time by the campfire.
Total: $35.48

Day Six

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to spend the day hiking the local trails. We stopped to have lunch along the path with sandwiches we prepped at the RV. After a long day of hiking and having fun, we went back to the RV and collapsed on the bed together.
Total: $0.00
Day Seven

Sunday was the last full day of our trip, so we wanted to check out the Mill Casino. We played the slots, blackjack, and three-card poker before leaving. Then, we decided to have lunch at The Plank House restaurant before going back to the RV. Once we returned, we settled in for one last night away.
Total: $187.35
Weekly Total: $536.91