If you want to try and spend a full afternoon with the wind in your hair then why not go on a bike ride through London? There are some fantastic rides in the city and they take you past all kinds of tourist attractions as well. If you feel as though you want to make the most out of your experience then this is the guide for you.

Battersea to Greenwich

Why not take a spin along the River Thames?  There are many landmarks and you may also find that it is packed full of highlights too. There are many quieter roads and you also have a lot of traffic-free paths too. This gives you the chance to sightsee to your heart’s content. You can take it at your own leisurely pace or you can even stop off at the Borough Market if you want to catch your breath., You can also try and race to the Royal Observatory as fast as you can if you want to have the best time ever when you are next out on your bike. A sizable number of cycle accidents happen on London roads due to the congestion, but designated cycle routes like this take you away from the hustle and bustle, giving you access to a way more peaceful ride.

Limehouse Basin to London Field

You won’t run into many people on the towpath and you can also take in some of the many sights that there are to see as well. When you look at the Thames Path you will see that this leads to Islington and that there is a vibrant community that is waiting to be explored. You will come across the narrow strip at Mile End Park as well. You can skim to the edge of Victoria Park and you can also follow the signs to the Broadway Market as well. You can end the ride with some fantastic views of East End park if you want.

Big Ben to Richmond Park

You can also go on a brisk loop around some of the many fantastic cycling spots in London if you want. You can start on Super Highway 8 and then go from Westminster, to Wandsworth. You will be able to find your way down to the Thames and you can also go past the Battersea Power Station, as well as Tate Britain. You will meet a lot of other cyclists when you go on this route and you can also take the clockwise route. This will take you up a very steep climb onto Broomfield Hill and you also have a longer but flatter Dark Hill that you can contend with if you want to take the other route.

Olympic Park and Wanstead Flats

The best thing about this ride is that you can cruise on the car-free tarmac. You can also take in all of the sights from the aquatics centre as well as the Olympic stadium. You can go to the VeloPark and you can then turn east to a clearing of the Wanstead Flats. This is very different from what you might have seen elsewhere on this ride.