If you’re sitting at a desk right now, then it might be a good idea for you to look over this little list we’ve thrown together. It’s got five adjustments you should make to your work place now in order to optimize the efficiency of the set up of your home office. This list of changes will help you discover exactly where your office is lacking and what you can do to change it!

But before we get into it, don’t worry. This isn’t going to be all about making it pretty. These are practical reasons to mix things up, backed by science and that we think you will enjoy. These aren’t bitter medicines that you’ll feel like you have to choke back, they are changes that you will actively want to make – and keep.

1. Did you know that specific seat structures can lower the risk of musculoskeletal symptoms and musculoskeletal disorders? That means adjusting your office furniture and using an ergonomic chair could actually physically benefit you! They’re also built with high quality products and meant to last the ages!

2. Don’t adjust your body to meet the keyboard... adjust the keyboard to meet the proper comfortable height of your body! SOLOS furniture, for example, has several laptop stands that can help create an angle that isn’t detrimental to your body!

3. Invest in a standing desk! These desks allow you to split your time between standing and sitting, which has been proven to both help with motivation, lower cardiovascular risks, and increase productivity! They can help with your posture and back problems as well! SOLOS furniture has a wide array of office furniture, including several standing desks. There’s one to fit any area that you’ve transformed into your home office, no matter how small of a space you need to fit.

4. Add a light to your desk. Yes, even if you have an overhead light in the room! Experts say a desk light is essential for viewing hard copy documents, as it helps prevent glare and Computer Vision Syndrome — a condition affecting up to 90 percent of computer users which causes eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, headaches and other symptoms. This will help you in the long run; not just with work, but in your every day life outside of work. Protect your eyes and live a better life!

5. Invest in a mouse that has an integrated palm support. This will erase the need to have your hand and wrist anchored in one spot while you work, which allows you to naturally move the mouse with your lower arm and shoulder, while keeping your wrist straight. This can help lower risks for ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower the amount of stress on your shoulder joints! 

Try and move these things around, and I’m certain that you’ll end up with a more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more productive work environment! Sometimes, the best thing to do is play with rearranging your office furniture and investing in better quality items! You would be surprised what adding a few SOLOS brand piece of furniture can do – something built to help you function better!