Are you interested in undergoing therapy in one of the Ketamine clinics in Austin? It won’t be hard since there are 10 providers that welcome patients for the treatment both with mental health conditions and pain conditions. To help you choose the best Ketamine clinic Austin, read this article and write down the tips for your further journey.

What Is Ketamine Infusion Austin?

Let’s start with the introduction of Ketamine. Ketamine is most well-known as an anesthetic reserved for use in emergency departments, military and conflict zones as well as veterinary medicine. Over the last two decades, this anesthetic has been studied by many leading institutions where it turned out to be a potent healing agent. Doctors noticed its efficacy in approaching depression, anxiety, as well as many pain syndromes. Alongside its applications, Ketamine has been found to have a good safety profile. It neither depresses respiratory drive nor lowers blood pressure as well as it does not make a patient take it forever to maintain relief. 

Nowadays, Ketamine may be administered through IV, IM, PO infusions, lozenges, and Spravato, an Esketamine nasal spray for depression treatment in adults. By now, the most effective administration route is considered infusion. That’s why many Ketamine clinics across the country including Ketamine clinic Austin offers treatment protocols through IM, and IV.

Ketamine infusion Austin may painlessly approach depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, migraines, CRPS, cancer pain, fibromyalgia among others. A patient who is willing to undergo infusion is typically assigned to a course of 6 sessions 40 minutes to 1 hour each for mental health conditions, 2-4 hours for pain conditions. 

Keep in mind, Ketamine infusion Austin is not a good fit for every particular case. Pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with active psychosis and uncontrolled hypertension should seek other modalities for their health conditions.

Now, let’s see how to find the best Ketamine clinic in Austin for your particular case.

Tips on Choosing the Best Ketamine Infusion Austin Provider

As was hinted above, there are 10 providers of Ketamine infusion Austin where you may address your inquiry regarding your mental health or pain condition. However, to ensure you contact only certified providers, overlook the following tips which may greatly save you time and even money:

Do always refer to the ASKP directory. ASKP is the American Association of Approved Ketamine Providers in the US, hence, you may trust it blindly. You should click the link, and then type your city - Austin. The results will be shown on the map as well as below where you may see detailed information about services, and contacts.
Use Yelp or Google to find the reviews on Ketamine infusion Austin. Typically, Ketamine clinic Austin is reviewed by hundreds of people, however, their feedback may radically differ. So, the advice is to just overlook the patients’ feedback without trusting it in full since many negative comments could be written to spoil the reputation.
Speak to your healthcare provider. Even before going online, you may consult your doctor. First off, a doctor will determine your applicability for Ketamine infusion Austin, and secondly, they will inform you about the best Ketamine clinic Austin for your particular case.
Ask your friends or relatives. Do not forget about the power of beloved ones. Your friends or relatives may have personal connections with some doctors who provide Ketamine infusion Austin. Then, you will know that you are in safe hands.
Watch YouTube. You may occasionally find some news using that website. There will be vlogs of patients who underwent Ketamine infusion Austin and may tell you the truth about their experience.

As of now, that’s pretty all you can do, however, you may dive deeper into the Web and find the social media groups where people with mental health conditions or pain conditions discuss the facilities where they received help. From case to case, they may discuss any Ketamine clinic Austin and give your recommendations for your further treatment or just alleviate your anxiety about the upcoming journey.

What Inquiries to Address to Ketamine Clinic Austin?

Since the onset of COVID-19, most clinics were closed or went online. Nowadays, these facilities are open again, however, they still accept and address all inquiries online, which is good for you. If you made up your mind on the best Ketamine clinic Austin for your particular case, contact them to learn more about your upcoming treatment.

1. Inform them about your health condition. If possible, you may directly send them your medical history and referral from your doctor. 
2. Ask what treatment protocol you will be assigned to, and what steps should be taken first upon starting the treatment.
3. Ask about your eligibility for any insurance coverage. Since Ketamine infusion Austin is not typically covered by insurance plans, you may learn whether they work with the Advance Care Card which offers flexible payments.
4. Learn whether you may take your relatives or friends with you to the treatment room for support. Some clinics welcome such initiatives since they help the patients to relax and feel safe.
5. Understand whether there is any counseling upon completing the series of infusions in the clinic. Some patients, especially with treatment-resistant conditions, require counseling for weeks or months to maintain relief and fully transfer all gained insights into everyday life.

Last but not least advice, you may ask Ketamine clinic Austin about the availability of Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP). If you struggle with treatment-resistant depression (TRD), it will be the best modality for your case. KAP may take 6 sessions 2-3 hours each and is occasionally followed by the maintenance phase to ensure the highest therapeutic effect. Still, it requires from the patient much dedication and time.

That’s it. Now, you may go surf the Internet and the ASKP directory in particular to find the best Ketamine clinic Austin. Remember, even though Ketamine infusion Austin is not a cheap modality, it should not make you throw money down the drain.