What type of toys are you buying for your kids? It should be the question on every parent's mind. There is no argument to the fact that toys are fun and part of a child's development. Certainly, the bobblehead boy toy is one of the most favorites among kids of all ages. However, as much as kids love toys, they can also be hazardous, and it's essential to adhere to safety guidelines when choosing the right toys for your child.

Statistics reveal a more worrying trend. Every year many children are exposed to toy dangers and exposed to even fatal risks such as chocking. Below here, we explore the safety guidelines for a bobblehead boy toy for home use, to protect your child from exposure to hazards. Keep reading.    

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines

When you buy a bobblehead boy toy, it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on safe use. Each toy has a label indicating a suitable age for each child. As a parent, ensure that you read the instructions to prevent confusing the ages of each child.

Supervise your child while at play

It's not wise to leave your children to play without any supervision. Most accidents relating to toys occur when children play alone without the presence of an adult. Small kids will go to the extent of putting toys in their mouths, which can lead to choking. Ensure that you are around all the time.

Guidelines when shopping

There are some things you ought to remember when shopping for favorite toys for your kids. If the toys consist of fabric material, ensure they have a fire-resistant label. Some toys are stuffed and as such, should be easy to wash. All toys with paint should be lead-free. 

The materials should not be toxic. Ensure all the toys meet safety standards. Some toys are too loud, and the noise can be deafening even for small kids. Ensure you pick the right toys all the time. Stay away from old toys since they may not have safety guidelines.

Pick toys for the right ages

Before you buy the bobblehead boy toy, first, read the label. Ensure the toy is appropriate for the kids' age; there are some other factors to consider, such as your kid's habit, behavior, and temperament. 

Different kids irrespective of age react differently to new toys, and it's essential to consider each child's character before you introduce a new toy for them. Most often, new toys have recommended age labels that's the first step when picking toys.

Also, study the behavior of your child before introducing toys to them. For instance, if your child has the habit of putting anything into their mouth, wait longer before introducing toys. Alternatively, get them bigger toys that are not easy to break into parts.

If your child is less than three years old, the parts of the toys should be bigger in a way that they don't fit on the mouth. This situation is ideal since it will prevent choking.

Your child should be ready to handle any toys. For instance, some kids though advanced in age, may not be able to handle bigger toys. In this case, you can wait until they have the physical capability to handle toys.

Check for loose parts and peeling paints

Old toys are also worn out, and it can be dangerous giving your kids frayed toys. Inspect all the new toys and check if they have loose buttons, eyes, yarns, batteries and any parts that can be hazardous. 

Check your new bobblehead boy toy for any parts that may be hazardous to your child. Ensure the body is perfectly reinforced and every part properly attached Check if there are sharp points or edges and if there are any peeling paints.

Pick light toys

As a parent, it's essential to consider the weight of the toy before you buy it for your child. A heavy toy is not ideal since it can lead to accidents. For example, it might fall, and the child may injure their toes or legs. The advantage of bobblehead boy toys is that they are ideal weight and your child will have fun playing with them.

Check out for cords and magnets

Cordless toys are better than those with cords. The reason for this is that a child can wrap a cord around the neck, and this can cause strangulation. Therefore for small kids keep away corded toys from their reach.

Also, toys with magnets are a big no to small kids as they can swallow. When this happens, it can cause stomach infections which can lead to surgery. Bobblehead boy toys are safe to use since they are cordless and have no magnets.

Buy toxic-free toys

Ensure the toys you buy for your child are toxic-free. They shouldn't have chemicals and should have safety labels in them. Chemicals such as lead and mercury are harmful to your children. Some toys or certain dolls may be stuffed with such chemicals, and it's your duty as a parent to read the safety instructions first.


Bobblehead boy toys are favorite amongst kids of all ages. When shopping for toys for your child, it's vital to ensure you have followed all the safety guidelines. Your child safety is paramount, especially at an early age. Always supervise your child when they play with their toys to prevent exposure to hazards.