Cleanliness is an important activity which should be carried out in our houses. Before cleaning, the necessary tools should be set aside. Deep cleaning is different from daily house cleaning and therefore adequate time should also be set aside. Each area should be allocated at least 1 to 2 hours. With the help of June King from Tak Cleaning Services, we have written a house cleaning checklist for you. If you prefer deep cleaning done by a professional house cleaning company, it would be wise to remove and sort all your personal items to enable the cleaners to do a good job.

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen
Clean and disinfect the trash.
Remove the leftover food particles. Clean both inside and outside the microwave.
Remove any food debris in the dishwasher which was left after cleaning utensils. Deep clean the dishwasher.
Switch off your refrigerator and remove everything in it then clean it. Reorganize everything neatly for a great look.
Clean the oven and the stove top burners.
Clean and organize the kitchen drawers.
Vacuum the kitchen floor then mop it.
Deep Cleaning the Dining Room
De-clutter all the items in the room. Remove the unnecessary items in the room.
Dust all the places before thoroughly scrubbing the walls.
Remove dust from all the parts in the dining room and clean all the light fixtures.
We all the chairs and tables in the room.
Clean the rug before replacing it.
Deep Cleaning the Bathrooms
Start cleaning everything in the bathroom starring from top to bottom.
Clean and disinfect the light fixtures, air vents, light switches, toothbrush holders etch.
Clean the soap dish and refill it.
Clean the shower door frame, shower curtain, the liner and the mirror. Counter tops and any other surfaces in the bathroom should not be forgotten.
Scrub the toilets and disinfect them paying attention to under the seats and the hinges.
Remove the shower head and clean it thoroughly.
Remove everything in the bathroom closet, clean it then rearrange everything.
Deep Cleaning the Living Room
Remove anything in the living room that does not belong there.
Dust all surfaces including the walls, ceiling fans, lamps and electronics in the room.
Clean the windows and wash all the window coverings.
Vacuum the carpets and rugs in the living room.
Move all furniture and clean underneath it.

Deep Cleaning the Bedrooms
Remove everything that does not belong there and take it to their respective rooms.
Dust the walls, floor, crown moldings, window sills, base boards, furniture, wall hangings and everything else in the room.
Clean the mirrors, glass lamps, ceiling fans, light fixtures and any other material that should be cleaned.
Remove all the clothes in your closet and properly organize them.
Flip your mattress and ensure it is clean.
Wash hour bedding including the pillows, bed sheets, duvets and mattress covers.
Vacuum the carpet and furniture in your room. When doing so, move the furniture and carpet to ensure you clean the place thoroughly.

Deep cleaning should be regularly done in our houses. The house cleaning checklist listed above can help you throughout the process.