If you are traveling to Canada there are some tips and requirements that you should keep in mind. In this article you will find all the legal requirements to travel to Canada, we will tell you many interesting things such as if you need a visa, such as being connected to the Internet, where you can change your money among others. 

You just get ready to enjoy a cosmopolitan country, with American and French culture, world cuisine and a kindness and hospitality worthy of admiration.

A SIM card to Canada with unlimited data can make your trip much easier and more comfortable. Do not forget to have a good internet connection before arriving, you will find it very useful to find places to visit, train schedules or good restaurants. We recommend you get an unlimited data SIM for Canada.

Now, let's start!

No matter you need Canada Visa or not, you must simply have a valid passport and an electronic travel authorization called eTA, for its acronym Electronic Travel Authorization. The eTA can be obtained from the Canadian government website. Another important fact is that no vaccine is necessary to enter Canada.

How do I connect to the Internet in Canada?

Activating roaming in Canada is going to cost you a lot of money and we don't want you to return from your trip with a sad face when you have to see what you have to pay. We know that you will need to search for places, connect to Facebook or Whatsapp, so it is better to leave your country with a plan.

We recommend you buy an unlimited data SIM card in Canada before you go on a trip and forget about paying roaming or looking for Wi-Fi in Canada. You can keep your WhatsApp number, they are easy to activate and use the AT&T network.

You have to have travel insurance for Canada

The sanitary conditions of the country are quite good, but it is essential to take out travel insurance for our vacations in Canada, and if possible with a fairly high coverage, which covers health care, repatriation or any type of accident, since weighing that the hospital network is public, it is not free for foreigners, and sometimes it can be found collapsed.

Flight tickets 

During winter it is almost impossible to find flights to Canada directly. The flight schedule is not fixed, but changes every year in destinations and frequencies, but there are usually some elements in common in every year. In the spring and summer season, there are direct flights to Canada, basically, on two Canadian companies: Air Transat and Air Canada.

Can I drive a vehicle as a tourist in Canada?

You can drive with your country's license until the first 6 months. Any restrictions you have in your license country will also be applied in BC. If you want to establish your permanent residence in Canada or plan to stay for several years, you need to obtain a Canadian driver's license.

The accommodation in Canada

In Canada there are all kinds of accommodation available, from roadside motels to luxury hotels in the countryside or in the city. In most cities, hotels cost a minimum that is between $ 28 and $ 46, then there are other categories that range between$ 34 or $ 156 and a five-star hotel, from $ 156. Another lodging option in Canada is the lodging houses, commonly called “Bed and Breakfast”. They are rooms in family homes, and their cost includes single room and breakfast, and their average cost would range from $ 21.8 to $ 65.62 per night.