When it comes to spending quality time with friends and family on a holiday vacation, very few places strike our minds that serve something for everyone.

Before deciding your travel destination, booking flight tickets, and packing your backpacks, having a little information beforehand is always a good idea.

Whether hiking trails are what attracts you, or it is national parks, Ski Mountains, museums, and outdoor activities, Colorado is one place that pops up in the traveler's mind. The best part is-it has a countless list of exciting activities. 

Even Colorado's major cities are surrounded by astounding canyons, peaks, Geothermal hot springs, skyscrapers and sports arenas.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to know what outdoor activities you can do in the state, then look no further as below is the list of amazing things to do:

Drive to the Top of Pikes Peak

If you are not keen to reach the top of the mountain through those rough hiking trails, here's the good news, drive on your four-wheel to reach the top.

Thankfully, Pikes Peak and Mt Evans both have roadways that lead straight to their summits and do not skimp on the views. This is one of the fun drives in the USA and, most importantly, one of the fantastic things to do in Colorado during the summer as you might find it snowed from November to May. Moreover, when it comes to a comfortable stay, the hotel Ouray is the perfect lodging you can easily head to!

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Colorado is known for its interesting history and played a major role in exploration and westward expansion of the U.S. It experienced major highlights during minor glory days, and then the railroads captured more life in the state. Old West folklore thrives from the boisterous times, also the fascinating character, Buffalo Bill.

Buffalo Bill gained popularity during his hunting days, and later, he went on to the famous Wild West Show. He spent his last moments at Lookout Mountain, Colorado, and the museum has been here since then to commemorate him. Not only will let your kids learn about Golden Buffalo Bill days, but also Native American Artifacts- "a true Wild West festival in this historic town."

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Are you a concert fanatic?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is here for you! It is located outside of the west side of the Denver right your way up to the mountains. It is an entirely outdoor venue formed from a massive rock structure and run a variety of events and concerts. Past performers include Bastille, Florence, and the machine, jimmy Buffett and Neil young.

Do you think it is all? Well, here comes another exciting thing for health freaks- go for a stadium run or participate in Yoga or join the hiking group.

Spend a Night in the Rockies

Want something more fun and enthusiastic? Spend a night in the wilderness of the Rockies, which is a paradise for those who love outdoor activities. There is nothing more adventurous than setting a camp at the edge of the lake or in an alpine basin and letting the wilderness consume you.

Similarly, some of the other best adventures can be done on the trails of Ice Lakes, Indian Peaks, and Four Passes. Just make sure to bring a good-quality tent and a camping stove to prepare those Backcountry meals.


Colorado truly overflows with activities in more than ways than you probably think! Just imagine for the sake of argument that you have been asked for some top adventurous destinations in the world- Colorado would be one of them!