Do you have a commercial laundry business or plan to put one up? You probably already know that the most important investment is the equipment! Purchasing commercial laundry equipment is no walk in the park, and there are different things to consider when selecting a brand and model to work with for the long-term.

But with advanced technology, budgets, and the growing demand in mind, it gets confusing selecting the right piece of equipment and how many you need! I know how frustrating that feels, which is why I decided to make this short guide on what to consider when purchasing commercial laundry equipment.

So read on to get help on what you need to look for when getting commercial laundry equipment!

How to Choose Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment
Purchasing commercial laundry equipment is a huge commitment, as it’s pricey and will affect your cash flow in the future. To make sure you’re choosing the right ones, here are the top five crucial factors to consider:

1. Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Features 
The main focus is selecting laundry equipment that’s energy-efficient, which saves you a lot in the long run. Because of its energy efficiency, it can keep those utility bills down. Besides this, it also shows to customers that you care for the environment, which improves your reputation and trust.

When selecting laundry equipment that’s eco-friendly, make sure that you look into the Energy Star program and that they have the legitimate certifications that price they are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

2. Intuitive Controls For Ease of Use
When using any type of washing machine, you want something easy and intuitive to use. This lessens the hassle of having to figure out what to do and where the detergent goes! Your customers feel the same way and want something easy to control, which helps with their overall business experience.

Select commercial laundry equipment that’s easy to understand and navigate around for both your staff and customers. That way, staff can happily teach confused customers how to use your equipment without the hassle.

3. Durability and High-Capacity For Happier Customers 
You want to make your customers happy and the top way to do that is through getting high-quality equipment! With that said, the equipment you use should have the durability that can hold up to intense, constant use. It should perform the best for every customer that uses it, ensuring that you only have happy customers with clean clothes.

Besides this, it should be easy to maintain, as you don’t have the time to constantly repair it or let it rest. This prevents inconveniencing your customers, allowing them to use your equipment all day long without problems. After all, no one would come back to a Laundromat if it keeps breaking down on them!

Also, it should also have a high capacity for your customers to have a choice. People will want to have more room to wash all their items simultaneously, may it be delicate underwear or large comforters. 

4. The Best Performance For Sensitive Materials 
Like mentioned, your customers would be using the laundry equipment for different articles of clothing and things to clean. Because of that, expect them to come in with delicate items, whether it’s silk, linen, or other soft materials. 

Because of this, it’s important to select laundry equipment that can accommodate such materials. Not only should it quickly and efficiently wash items, but it should do so safely to prevent any damage or wear and tear. 

5. Should You Outsource? Consider the Current and Future Demand 
Last but not least: Are you considering to outsource your equipment or invest in it straight up? Many owners are weighing the pros and cons of renting out their equipment or purchasing it. This depends on two things: Your cash flow, as well as today and tomorrow’s demand for your business.

When you have a steady cash flow and see what the demand will rise in the future, it’s best to invest in high-quality laundry equipment. However, if you see that you’re on a tight budget or plan to upgrade laundry equipment in the long run, outsourcing or renting it a good choice.

Wrapping It Up
There are many things to consider with your commercial laundry business, from your income expected to the employees hired. However, you should never overlook the equipment used, which is your moneymaker! Fortunately, companies like Richard Jay Laundry Equipment offer quality laundry machines that fit all the considerations mentioned above!

Hopefully, this article on how to purchase commercial laundry equipment helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin making the right choice for your business now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when selecting commercial laundry equipment, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!