If you are to be asked to back-date your ancestry to the furthest place possible, you would only go back to probably great-grandparents.  And in some cases maybe go back to your great-great-grandparents. Previously you had to solely rely on stories and word of mouth as the only form of evidence. Although in this day and age, there are so many channels to find out our origins and where we come from besides stories. And DNA is the number one channel to finding out exactly where we originate from in detail.

Well, you might ask yourself why it is crucial to do a DNA test to find out about your past, and in this piece, we shall tell you why.

1. Learn about your family medical history

There have been very many cases of people finding out too late that their lineage is prone to a particular genetic disease. Such happens to be cancer, blood-related complications and degenerative disease such as Parkinson's disease. And it is quite unfortunate that such ailments are discovered way too late after one gets diagnosed. Whereas an early suspicion may have gone a long way into the prevention or the slowing down the onset. This may, however, be a story of the past, considering now a comprehensive DNA will inform you of this beforehand. You will get to know exactly what your family medical history is and know what to do about it. Knowing that you and your offsprings are predisposed to contracting cervical cancer, for instance, will keep you on your toes. You will be more self-aware into taking periodic screenings for early detection. You will even live a healthier life by eating right and exercising.

2. Gives you a sense of belonging

This is particularly useful for the group of people whose ancestors migrated from their native lands. Somewhere along the road, they lost so much of their identity as they had to adapt to their new environment. And just as the maxim goes when in Rome do as the Romans do, went a bit too deep. And down the line, some people feel like they had to give up too much, which makes them feel lost. This feeling of belonging can them be restored by taking a DNA test to find out more about your family lineage. Getting to know which part of the world your ancestors came from will give you something to hold on to. You now have somewhere to call home. And all this is possible, thanks to Crigenetcs.

3. You preserve your culture better

DNA testing for family origin will point out exactly where you are from. Meaning you will be in a better position to trace your culture. Knowing where you are from will give you a sense of what your forefathers did for a living. It will highlight what they loved doing, how they did it, and why they did it. It will also highlight to you what food they loved and how it was cooked. It might even give you a clear idea as to what your name means in your native language. It is true that you might not know a word of your native language, and this might prompt you into learning a thing or two. You never know it might be just the thing you need to boost your self-esteem. The newly discovered culture will give you a sense of pride.

4. You get to pass on facts to your children

Previously, as mentioned above, most people had to rely on word of mouth. And to be honest, word of mouth can be easily twisted to fit the teller's desires. The mood is changed, the tone, as well as the mere facts, may be altered. A story is never told the same way unless it is recorded in some form; written or taped. Most storytellers usually change something within their plot dictating. Human is to error, and that is something we cannot avoid. But with a scientific explanation, you will have facts to back you up. And what better way to pass on the truth than mere hearsay. Even in a foreign land, you get to raise your kids them knowing where they are from and teach them the ways of their family. This, in turn, gives them confidence while they share with their friends stories about their ancestors. No just myths but the real deal.


Now that you know of the great perks DNA test hold, you should not resist a check-up the next time an opportunity comes up. It might just be what your family needs. Everyone wants a place to call home and a guarantee to live a healthier life. You have nothing to lose.
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