Any good Marketer while launching a new product would at first always research and narrow down the target audience of the product. They will second make sure during the test marketing of the product that it has a high probability of being received well by the public. 

The next step of being a good marketer is to know how best to portray the best aspects of your product without lying to the customer. Following are the best ways to accomplish this goal.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is a big part of today’s generation, so the best way to gather curiosity and build intrigue towards your product is to give hints about it on the all the famous social media platforms like; Facebook, snap chat, twitter and Instagram. Along with Social Media, also consider SEO for your business

TV ADVERTISEMENTS: T.V. adverts of not more than 30 seconds also go a long way into building intrigue in the public. The constant repetition of the advert with intervals would make sure that the image of the product is being imprinted upon the minds of the viewers. 

LED SCREENS: The best and flashiest way to gain attention for your product is to find a prime placement for an LED screen which is effectively showcasing your product and the message the product is broadcasting. You can learn more about the different kinds of LED screens according to your own specifications at LED screens are most effective when you want to get your message out quickly. They are known to increase sales by 95%. The trick is to have the best design and the best placement for your LED.

FREE SAMPLES: Human kind always leans towards getting more and getting better. So giving out free stuff is one of the sneakiest way of increasing samples for your product. You could make it a game, like say a Lucky draw and the first 100 winners would get free samples of a never before seen product.

PROMOTIONS: Another simple way of effectively marketing your new product is giving out promotions. Especially in the early days. For example, you could give out a two for one deal for the first 50 customers or you could say that the first 100 customers will get 50 or even 60% off on their next purchase. You could even begin a game about it and broadcast that using the LED screens.

Launching a new product or a service isn’t going to be easy. But one thing that every brand should never look past is the potential of testing, retesting, and testing again. Before any product or service made it big, it was tested again and again until it worked for brands.

Testing will help you get insight from your users that will help you improve your product or delivery of the product. Whatever is the case, you’ll be given an opportunity to be direct with your customers. Being direct with your customers and listening to what they have to say is marketing 101

Everything you have learned from above needs to be tested again and again to produce results. This can be repetitive and cumbersome, it might even demotivate you a little, but in the long run, this is how products become successful in the future.