When it comes to choosing a pool cleaner, there are several factors you need to consider. Pool cleaners come in different models. You can have an automatic pool cleaner, pressure pool cleaner, or even the one which uses suction to clean the pool. Your pool size will determine the type of pool cleaner you can have. If you are tight on a budget, the budget will as well dictate the kind of pool cleaner you can have. You should always keep the pool clean. Choosing the right pool cleaner is the first step you end to take if you are looking for ways you can still keep the pool clean and safe for your family members to enjoy swimming. 

How to choose the right pool cleaner

Consumption of Energy

When comparing the three different types of automatic pool cleaners, you will realize robotic pool cleaners are the most energy efficient cleaners you can have. If you go for a pressure type automatic pool cleaner, it will require a separate booster pump which can lead to more power consumption. The activity of cleaning your pool should be done on a regular basis. You need to take into consideration energy consumption so that you can buy the right cleaner which will serve you well. 

Dependency on the Filtration System

There are some units which will depend on the pool filtration system. For example, use of a pressure side pool cleaner will utilize its separate filter bag. If the filtration system of your pool is not effective, then you may need a pool cleaner which comes with a different pool filter. A robotic pool cleaner will come with an inbuilt filtration system which will clean your pool. A pool cleaner with an in-built filtration system is effective. If you would like to achieve great results, then you need to opt for a pool cleaner with an in-built filtration system.

Size of the pool

The size of your pool determines the type of pool cleaner you will have to get. For small or medium sized pools, you can go for a manual or mechanical pool cleaners, or you can even use a pool skimmer to remove debris. In the case of a large pool, then it will be wise if you can automate the whole cleaning process. An automatic pool cleaner is effective in cleaning a large pool. If you can have a robotic pool cleaner, then it will work well in cleaning your pools. 

The efficiency of the pool Cleaner

You will measure the efficiency of the pool cleaner after you take into consideration the period it will take to do the job. Manual cleaners are fairly efficient if you have a small pool. If you use manual cleaners in a large pool, it will take a lot of your time. You need to go for an automatic pool cleaner if you are trying to clean a large pool. There are different models of the pool cleaners in the market; it is necessary to compare the different models regarding their durability before you settle on a given pool cleaner. 

Ease of Use

Among the different types of pool cleaners, an automatic pool cleaner is easy to use. With a robotic pool cleaner, you can easily apply it in your cleaning job.

Follow the simple interactions provided and the unit will start doing the job automatically. There is even minimal supervision required as the pool cleaner removes debris from the pool. 

Manual Pool Cleaners

If you opt for manual pool cleaners, then you will have a wide range of options. These devices do not do the job on their own. You will have to be involved to make the pool cleaner to remove hard stains from the pool. The cleaners include items such as pool skimmers, pool brushes, and pool vacuums. Some of the reasons which can make you buy the manual pool cleaners are that they are relatively cheap. They are time-consuming and can work well with small pools.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

They come in different models such as suction side pool cleaners which are connected to a suction line of your pool filtration system. Some of the benefits of the automatic pool cleaners include ease of operation. They can save you a lot of time because they will work when you are doing something else. They are unlike manual cleaners where you will get to be involved till the end of the process.

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