Pests come in a vast variety of forms, including ants, termites, roaches, bees, and rodents. They infest both homes and business premises. A pest infestation can range from a mild nuisance to a full-blown takeover of your home or business premises. 

The first step incontrolling pest infestation is knowing what pests you’re dealing with. Of all the pests that invade your space, here are that most commonand the most notoriouspests:


You’ve probably heard the adage: If you have cockroaches, there are a lot more in the house than you’re seeing. Cockroaches live in colonies in places such as:

Inside any part of a structure
Under linoleum
Inside stored stuff

They’re primarily nocturnal creatures and are one of the major disease-carrying pests. A cockroach can range from tiny to sizes quite large for urban critters. These pests can be hard to get rid ofas they require methodical treatment and attention to detail.


Ratsare a true definition of nuisance. They’ll destroy your favorite dress without shame. They’ll eat everything they find in their way. Whatever they can’t eat, they’ll leave it in tatters. 

Besides their incredible ability to destroy property, rats also spread diseases like plague. Effective control of these pests requires a well-planned strategy coupled with regular maintenance of your property. Trapping and poisoning rats are just short-term measures. 


Just like rats, termites are highly destructive. One amazing thing about them is their organized social structure. They live in cooperative groups, allocating various tasks to specialized members.

For an untrained eye, it can be difficult to distinguish termites from ants. You may not even know you have termites until you discover their trail of destruction. It’s advisable, therefore, to always monitor your property, especially areas that are prone to termites. 


At least 20% of Americans have had a bedbug infestation in their property or know someone who is dealing with a bedbug problem.Bedbugs can invade your home,and you might not even know about it until it’s too late. They are very tiny and quite hard to see, especially to the untrained eye.

While you can buy insecticides that are said to kill bedbugs, they might not be effective, especially if you’re dealing with a full-blown bedbug menace. The truth is, exterminating bedbugs is a complicated process, which you’ll have a hard time doing by yourself.

You’re advised, therefore, to engage a reputable Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles professional to help you do the job safely and effectively.


Who doesn’t understand how irritating mosquitoes can be? Dealing with mosquitoes is quite tricky since you can’t easily see them due to their tiny size. You may also not feel them bite, thanks to the sedative property of their saliva.

Once they’re done biting, they leave you with an itchy bump that is at risk of blood-borne disease. In fact, mosquitoes are of the major disease-carrying pests, mainly because they can breed easily and are hard to detect until the infestation gets out of control. 


An effective way to solve a problem is by first knowing its source. This is true even for pests. You should know the pests you’re dealing with before you come up with a solution, and the above five are some of the pests you’ll typically encounter in your home.