You might be reading this article mainly for one the two reasons; either you want to become a lawyer yourself and are thinking of going to law school, or you might be seeking the assistance of some type of lawyer and you want to know about the specifics. People have the misconception that a lawyer can assist them with all types of legal services. This might technically be true because they do have the license to practice law, but it isn’t humanly possible for a person to have every type of skills that are required in every field of law. Just like doctors, lawyers too have specific areas that they specialize in. We have come up with a list of the most common types:

Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers or business lawyers deal with a number of different types of law relevant in the business world such employment, property, takeovers and mergers etc. They might just deal with basic legal tasks that you will need to go through for your business such as the formation of your company, tax issues etc. and what kind of businesses they deal with will also vary such as some will only focus on start ups and some will focus on big companies.

They are also two main types of corporate lawyers i.e. transactional and litigation lawyers. Transactional lawyers deal with transactions such as drafting documents such as agreements whereas litigation lawyers handle lawsuits.

Finance Lawyers

These lawyers operate in a very narrow field of law involving dealing with bank related issues, or issues involving money transactions between individuals. They can also represent clients who have IRS or SEC files against them.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers deal with anything and everything relating to family related issues. This can include planning of families, divorces, custody agreements and all the other issues revolving around marriage and kids. Some might only focus on divorce issues but most of the time they cover all aspects of family law.

Immigration Lawyers

These lawyers have the goal to bring in any family member, employee or person into the country. They are more reliant on big businesses who require work permits and visas to bring people from other countries to work in the company. Spousal sponsorship lawyer also fall in this category because they try to bring in spouses from other countries to the country for different types of purposes.

Tax Lawyers

These lawyers help corporations and individuals with laws and regulations regarding filing taxes. Majority of these lawyers, represent you in courts if you are in possibility of going to jail. But they also work with estate planning matters if they are not working in the tax department of a large corporation.

Criminal Defence Lawyers 

Criminal defence lawyers defends clients who are accused of committing a crime or breaking the law, and their aim is to free them of the charges or at least try to reduce their sentence and help them stay out of jail. The crimes handled by criminal defence lawyers range from small felonies such as shoplifting to extreme crimes such as murder and sexual assault.