Let’s assume that you’ve done your homework about vaping and you’re now the lucky owner of a high-end vaping set-up and some special e-juice. If you haven’t got one yet, and you are still looking for your next vaping kit, than we recommend you to get one from EjuiceConnect.com.The store is selling vaping products, plus we have found ejuice connect coupon codes which you can use to get discount on your order. One may think the next thing to do is to start vaping, anywhere and anytime. Well, you couldn’t be much farther than the truth and scroll down for understanding why.

Can you really vape anywhere and anytime?

Even though the debate about the effects of vaping is still on, there are plenty of unspoken rules about what you need to do/not to do when vaping in public. Add the raising concern of regulating vaping in public spaces and you get yourself the picture of vaping nowadays.

No matter if you only do it any now and then or you’re totally a beginner, there are some etiquette rules that you should follow as a viper. How we behave in public says a lot about ourselves, no matter if we’re vaping or not.

Why does the etiquette count?

Vaping is new to the market and the problem is even more complicated when it comes to cloud chasing or sub-ohm vaping (they’re winning more fans as we speak). 

Every day some new laws regulating vaping are coming out and it may not come as a surprise if vaping becomes legislated as harsh as smoking. 

We can definitely avoid that by following some easy rules so that vaping becomes a healthier and better choice than smoking. This way, it’s also going to be accepted by the general public a lot easier. Why not have good manners in the world, anyway? 

Creating a code of conduct to reveal vaping as a less harmful habit is a good thing and we’re all routing for it.

Where can you vape?

Let’s see what’s to know about vaping in most common places:


If you’re on a hike, in the middle of nowhere, you shouldn’t worry and start vaping freely. That’s not the case when you’re walking down a busy alley or when you’re trying to get a cab to work. Most of people out there aren’t open to smelling your second-hand vapor- no matter how much you like it! Pay attention when vaping and take few steps so that the vapor doesn’t bother anyone around you.

•At home

This is the most obvious choice for vaping as much as you like, anytime you want. Unlike tobacco, vaping doesn’t give a smell that lingers for a long time, doesn’t stain your fittings or fixtures so you can blow clouds as often as you fancy!

However, if you have any guests coming over, it’s better to be polite and air the room before their arrival. Ask them if they’re bothered or not about your vaping. Not many know exactly what to expect when someone is vaping so give them the chance to try the experience.

•In your car- yes or no?

For instance, UK passed a law that bans smoking in a car. You may vape as you’re driving (it’s legal), but you may still get some points on your license- it depends on the state. When your car is filled with thick vapor, chances are you’re not going to be able to see anything on the road- so it makes sense that you shouldn’t vape while driving. 

Let’s not forget about the slight residue left on the windscreen when you’re vaping some high VG fluid. 

Long story short, stay on the safe side and don’t vape while driving or riding as a passenger. Unless you’re willing to pay the fine later on.

•What about public transport?

Trains, buses and planes are trying to forbid vaping at the moment. Even if it’s not banned currently, at least one person is going to have something against your vaping. Get a fidget-spinner so that you do something else with your mind if you’re not vaping on a bus- it’s going to be easier for you!

What are the social situations to worry about when vaping?

Some people are more sensitive than others, especially when it comes to vaping so you should pay attention in the following social situations:

•Children and pets

Most of us don’t smoke around children, so it only makes sense that you shouldn’t vape either. Setting a good example is far more important. 

Keep in mind that the PG content in e-cigarettes may have a bad effect on your cat, but also on dogs. It may even cause anemia to your pets. Stay on the safe side and don’t vape around pets. Another option is to switch to VG-based liquid. 

Remember not to leave your vaping set unattended around your kids or pets. The mods do pose a fire hazard and juice formulated with nicotine can lead to death.

•Private business

It’s a big fat “no” when you go to a cinema or a gig. Vapors limit visibility and people around may not go for the smell either. 

As for the bars, clubs and shops, the debate is on and it depends on the rules of the country/state. When vaping isn’t clearly banned, it’s better to ask a member of the staff. Even if he/she says yes, you still need to be mature about it. Try as much as you can to blow the vapors away from the people.

The issue is rather delicate when it comes to restaurants. You should make sure that it’s acceptable and, on top of that, that the people at your table have no problem about your vaping. Better yet, go outside for a vape.

•The non-smokers

It’s always better to ask. Even though most of the non-smokers have nothing against vaping, you should be polite and ask their opinion. Many studies have revealed that second-hand vapor is safe but that’s not something that everyone knows.

•The smokers

Try not to be judgmental- you have been a smoker once, for sure. Don’t be condescending and respect their opinion. After all, every man to his taste!


Be respectful and don’t fall into temptation of criticizing other one’s choices. Some go with the cig-a-likes, whereas others fancy the sophisticated customized builds. If you’re going to test someone else’s kit, you should stay safe, using your own drip tip. You can also use the disposable drip tip covers for safer use. Kits can be bought online at pretty reasonable prices. One of the most famous stores is e

Stealth vaping- what’s the story there?

It’s pretty common for vapors to engage in “stealth vaping”. They’re hiding their equipment and hold vapor in a lot longer than usual. There is nothing to see when exhaling, but there’s a moral issue attached to it. 

If you’re planning to mislead people around you, it’s better not do it in the first place. It’s only a matter of time until you’re going to get caught, undermining your image for good. 

If you’re only trying to stay low in a place where vaping isn’t banned, you’re good to go.

One last thing to note

It’s all about your basic manners. Even though various studies have revealed that there is no risk from second-hand vapor, many people simply don’t like be breathed on them. Give info briefly when asked, but don’t begin any preaching about vaping. It’s quite often for cloud chasing to be seen as impolite, so do it when you’re in a private place. 

At the end of the day, simply ask people around you if they have a problem with you vaping or not. Don’t push it if they say no, you got plenty of time later on.