While some people may just want to vape because that’s the cool thing to do, for others, vaping is a major lifestyle decision. Vaping can literally be a life changer for some people and many who are still curious about vaping might be wondering why they should make the jump. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the pros and cons of vaping so you can make a better decision.

Pro: It Can Help You Curb Your Cigarette Addiction
One of the main reasons people decide to go with vaporizers is that they’re a great way to stop their smoking habit. People often aren’t aware of how much of the harm from cigarettes is caused by the act of inhaling smoke and not the chemicals contained in them. Vapers have a tendency to cough a lot less than your average smoker. Their skin also tends to look better, they have higher energy levels and don’t experience mood swings or nausea as much. Some have even reported that their sense of smell improved since they switched to vaping.

Con: Vaping will Still Give You some Side Effects
While the side effects won’t be as brutal as with cigarette smoke, there are still some associated with using vape pens. And these side effects are often caused by the nicotine content in vape juice. Some juices contain a high concentration of nicotine and vapers can consume more nicotine than they usually do when vaping. In higher doses, nicotine can make you feel flushed, lightheaded and experience vertigo. If that happens to you after vaping, it would be wise to stop and start taking deep breaths. And make sure to wait until the symptoms have completely disappeared before you start vaping again.

Pro: It’s a Huge Money Saver
Another big advantage of e-Cigarettes is how much money you’ll end up saving by switching to e-Liquids instead of cigarettes. Taxation has made cigarettes prohibitively expensive these days, and e-Liquids pack a lot more bang for your buck. You can get your hands on a starter kit for less than what you would pay for half a carton of cigarettes. After that, the only costs you’ll have to worry about is new juice and replacement coils. You might also want to invest in a few vape mods along the way, but there are plenty of affordable options out there. According to data from NerdWallet, you could save more than $1,200 per year by switching to vaping if you were a one pack a day smoker.

Con: There Are a Lot of Bad Products Out There
On the other end of the spectrum, you get what you pay for, and a lot of people end up buying products that are not only poor quality but could actually be dangerous for them. Good e-Juices, in particular, can be difficult to find these days with all the options available on the market. Some just have a horrible taste while others contain harmful chemicals. Cheap vape pens, mods, and batteries could also be unreliable and unsafe. So, if you’re to start vaping, make sure that you set aside money for a good unit first to make sure you get the best, and safest vaping experience as possible.

Pro: It will Change your Whole Life Perspective
If you asked most people, a lot will probably tell that one of their objectives is to be healthier. The issue with smokers is that they often end up neglecting their overall health. They become less performant, which leads to less activity. They may also see caring for your overall health when you’re a smoker as a waste of time. If you vape using the right products, you’ll instantly feel better and will have more motivation to improve your health in other areas as well.

Con: Vaping can Trigger Allergic Reactions
While good vaping e-juices will generally be better for you, that doesn’t mean they’re for everybody. Many of the e-juices you’ll find on the market use products derived from real food items. For instance, if you’re buying an almond flavored e-juice, then chances are there will be traces of almonds into the product. This means that anyone with a severe allergy to almonds may have a reaction. So, if you have a serious food allergy, make sure that you know everything that is in the composition of your e-juices.

Pro: No More Cigarette Odor Issues
One of the worst elements of smoking cigarettes is the smell. It can literally penetrate your skin and completely fill a room once you walk in. This fact alone makes smoking cigarettes very inconvenient for some people. And we’ve not even mentioned cigarette breath yet. 

The smell is mainly due to the fact that you’re actually burning material when smoking and the various tars, oils, and chemicals found in cigarettes are released. While vaping does produce a smell, it is much more pleasant for you and the people around. It tastes much better as well.

Con: You won’t Escape the Dry Mouth
One of the side effects of vaping that you won’t be able to escape is a dry mouth. This is largely caused by the nicotine contained in e-Liquids and its effects on the body. Nicotine acts as a stimulant and will dehydrate you as a result, which is why we get the dry mouth when smoking. One alternative could be to go for less concentrated juices and make sure that you’re well hydrated at all times when vaping.

Pro: It’s an Overall Much Better Experience
When it comes to comfort, vaping beats smoking hands down. The vapor comes down much more smoothly, you have access to literally thousands of different juices, and you have much more control over your consumption. You can go for low nicotine or no nicotine juices as well and you can modify your vape pen in tons of different ways to improve your experience.

Switching to vaping can be a great choice and a great way to control your addiction when used properly. However, before you invest in any product, make sure that you do your research and go for quality first and foremost.