Kill household bugs can be very challenging. If you want to get rid away of drain flies from your house in more effective ways, here are the ways.

#1. Identify the Bug and Where It Breeds
Before starting the “war” with the bugs around your house, it will be very important to know who truly your “enemy” is. There are many kinds of flies and knowing which type of the bug that is flying around the house and where they breed will make it easier for you to kill them. After collecting the info, you can put some duct tape around the sink. However, if you couldn’t find any drain flies on the next day, you should move on to the next step. Using a homemade drain fly trap will also helpful. In creating the trap, you can take a small jar and then use oil to grease its edge and inner parts. Use the trap to cover the sink and the flies will be trapped if they fly around it.

#2. Check If There Any Basin
Most of the time, pest larvae will be easily found on the slime of the sink. Thus, there will be very helpful for you to use a blunt knife to scrape the slime off all sides of the sink. If it is necessary, you can also use the other tools to remove the drain plate of the sink. If you cannot find any bugs on the slime, you can be sure that they must be breed deeper. This will cause more damage to the drain since the insects will feed on rotting organic stuff found there.

#3. Do Regular Mechanical Cleaning
Mechanical cleaning which is done regularly is one of the most effective ways to kill household bugs. Make sure you clean the pipes by using a long-handled stiff brush. Clean all the food, hair, or the other organic origin remains there. Regularly clean the pipes will help you to avoid pest larvae to breed in the drain and cause damages.

#4. Pour Boiling Water Slowly to the Sink
Using boiling water will also help to kill the drain flies. Just prepare a pot boiling water and pour it slowly to the drain to kill the larvae and destroy the eggs. But, it only gives a relatively short effect to the bugs since they will multiply again soon after that.

#5. Use Drain Cleaner
If there are too much drain flies in your house, using drain cleaner will likely more helpful. This pipe cleaning detergent is very effective to kill household bugs in a large amount. The product can help to remove clogs, slime, and other organic stuff too. To get rid away of the bugs from your house, the only thing you should do is just poor the drain cleaner to the sink pipes. But before using the product, just make sure that you read the manual carefully and follow it thoroughly. However, you might need to pour the pipe cleaning detergent several times in a week to get the better result and kill the entire bugs.