A revolutionary event for the energy industry of the United Kingdom took place - the liberalization of the electricity market, thanks to which now every citizen of the country can independently choose an electricity supplier.

Currently, there are several dozens of companies on the market, the conditions of which vary in many respects. At the same time, there are some aspects that distinguish between suppliers. Through the internet, we can find dozens of agencies that help readers to make the right choice.

Price – The First Factor
To begin with, we explain that the final electricity price is included in the electricity bill, which consists of regulated and unregulated components: the regulated component includes the electricity delivery cost determined by the energy regulatory body and accounts for less than 50% of the final price for end-users. The unregulated portion of the energy charges is determined by the supplier. Only in this part of the price that customers can influence, choosing between individual companies.

 As a rule, it is the savings in comparison with the current supplier that is the key criterion. At first glance, it might seem that understanding the proposals of the companies represented on the market is an insurmountable task, however, to find the best offer one does not have to visit the branches of all companies and spend hours studying the nuances of the proposals. 

To do this, you can use special online calculators, where it is enough to enter basic information about the area of residence and consumption, after which the computer will immediately calculate how much you are paying now and how much you can save when switching to an alternative supplier. 

Of course, the cost factor is important, but you can not rely on it alone. Choosing the cheapest option, study the full range of services and take into account all costs, including monthly fee, payment for sending an account, possible penalties, fines, etc.

The Second Factor – Level of Service
In addition to the price, when choosing a supplier, you should also consider the level of customer service. To check it, you can, for example, call the hotline. Prepare a few questions and assess how willing the operator answers them, how they talk with you and if they have sufficient knowledge.

Do not be afraid to ask "uncomfortable" questions! The supplier who cares about the customer will tell you about all the news and current changes in the offers, while free. Will tell about the level of service in the company and the experience of its former and current customers. To do this, ask for advice to friends, study the reviews on the official website, look at the forums. Most importantly, compare business electricity on Simply Switch.

The Third Factor – Quality of Services Provided
Do you want the supplier to have a wide network of branches across the country or do you prefer to communicate over the Internet? Do you want to have a wide range of additional services and an opportunity to freeze the price of electricity? Do you want to be able to contact the company at any time of the day, and you could manage the account remotely, as well as pay for electricity supplies?

These and other services are not offered to you by every company. As a rule, only large players are capable of this, while in small companies that are limited in capacity, they will have to choose between several alternatives

The Fourth Factor – Contract and its Contents 
Much of the supplier will prompt you the proposed contractual terms. Companies that value their reputation and fight for each client, they will be absolutely clear and transparent. Documents that contain many applications and footnotes, conditions are written in small print, should not be signed without prior consultation with a lawyer.

Be interested in everything - payment for the activation of services, early termination of the contract. If they are too high, you should weigh everything again, analyze whether you can fulfill all the terms of the contract. And do not forget to ask about everything that you do not understand. In a solid company, you will be promptly informed with details.

The Fifth Factor – Reliability of the Supplier
In addition to traditional companies that have long established themselves on the market, in the United Kingdom, in the last few years some smaller suppliers have appeared. It is they who in the majority offer more favorable prices in comparison with energy giants, who in some cases use their position in the market.

At the same time, small companies have a threat that the low price of electricity is a commercial trick to attract customers, which any company needs for business development. How to avoid possible inconveniences and not to fall for the bait of beginning companies and "temporary workers"? You can benefit from the experience of their former and current customers. It will not be superfluous to get information from the official website of the company, as well as comments of specialists in the media.