Cryptocurrencies have become an essential part of today's financial market. Seeing the rise of Bitcoin number of other cryptocurrencies also came in however only some of them survived and are still in the competition. One popular alternative to Bitcoin for most people is that of ripple. The ripple cryptocurrency is not precisely based on blockchain technology, but it also has the basis of distributed Finance. 

When it comes to selecting a cryptocurrency for investment people are always concerned about its growth or downfall. With faster growth chances ripple just like any other cryptocurrency comes with higher risk. The fluctuation in various coin offerings is what making people concerned about whether they should invest or avoid a particular cryptocurrency. 

Below we have listed down four of the various factors that are affecting the value of ripple in the market today-

1.    One of the critical factors that contribute to the success of any cryptocurrency today is that of media influence. There has been mixed feedback in different press releases and media presentations about the future of ripple. Some people believe that repel buy for a better choice for various Financial Institutions whereas others think that it is only a short-term attraction 
2.    South Korea has the most significant influence on the prices of ripple as three of the largest coin exchanges for this cryptocurrency comes from South Korea. Any impact on the South Korean financial market is going to make an impact on the value of the ripple
3.    The various regulations that have been imposed on cryptocurrencies such as Ripple have made some people concerned about its future. South Korea also has imposed some rules that may even cause from of the bank account to be saved from the operation and is a matter of concern for the potential investors. 
4.    unlike Bitcoin ripple has a reduced number of online wallets that support transactions. Although, the ripple is considered safer as compared to the operations of other cryptocurrencies yet there have been few cases where the cryptocurrency have been lost from the wallet. 

It is essential to look for a good ripple wallet for making safe and Secure transaction. When selecting an online wallet, you also need to ensure its services regarding customer support and queries. People are now looking to invest in Ripple as compared to many other cryptocurrencies because of its potential to grow and reduced price. 

The new wallet is coming up in the market and selecting the best ripple wallet among them would be a tedious job especially if you are not aware of what to be compared.  Every new cryptocurrency wallet claims to be the very best regarding safety security and reliability, but indeed you need to put in a lot of effort in selecting the most appropriate wallet. It is essential to check the charges for the transaction as some of the wallets lay down much higher fees as compared to other. You must also read the terms and conditions associated with the portfolio or wallet to ensure that there are no hidden clauses and charges.