The online gambling industry has been on the rise ever since the launch of the first online casinos more than fifteen years ago. Nowadays, people gamble online more than ever and this substantially increases the demand for quality online casinos. Needless to day, competition is fierce in the gaming industry.

If you are considering launching an online casino website, you should be prepared to fight off competition. But facing competition is not enough – you should also aim at staying ahead as well.

Launching an online casino is far from easy, but we hope that with out help and the advices CasinoReports have gathered from renowned online casino operators, you will succeed. 

Should you launch an online casino, you need a professional and reliable iGaming software. Think  it as the backbone of your casino. Another key element is, of course, the gambling license. Moreover, as transactions will be made online, you will also need a secure payment system. Last, but not least, once you have launched your gaming venue, you need to embark on an appropriate marketing campaign. Because regardless of how well your venue is designed, should you fail to launch a successful marketing campaign, your gaming venue is doomed. 

iGaming Software Provider
As implied above, choosing a professional and reliable iGaming software provider is of essential importance. You are to enter a long-term partnership with an iGaming software provider, so you should choose wisely. Take your time and evaluate all existing iGaming software providers before making a final decision. 

Compare iGaming software providers’ price/quality ratios. This can help you determine  which software provider best for you, and you can also get a better picture of what different providers offer. Lastly, when choosing an iGaming software provider, you should try to attract providers with experience in the field of online gaming. 

Ideally, you should find an iGaming software provider which is not only understanding, but also offers fully customisable services – this will help you control the whole process and you will be able to design the site the way you like as well. 

Alternatively, you can choose a white-label solution which allows you to borrow not only iGaming software, but also gambling license and even a payment processing system. Thus, you will operate your gaming venue under a turnkey infrastructure. 

License Options
Naturally, your gaming venue has to be completely legal. For this purpose, you need a gambling license. There are two ways to obtain a license and, again, it is up to you to decide which jurisdiction you want to utilise to get a license. 

A gambling license can be obtained either from offshore countries or from EU member states. As you may know, these licensing options are not identical in terms of prestige and cost. As for the waiting period, online casino operators generally obtain a gambling license after waiting between two and twelve months. 

Payment System Provider
One of the most important elements of online casinos are payment systems It is essential that you choose a provider whose product is protected and reliable. Choose providers using encryption security methods, because they provide highest levels of security. We recommend providing players with a variety of payment options. 

Or, you can make things easier by choosing an iGaming software provider that will deliver complete services, i.e., a provider that can process and complete payments, provide security layers as well as detect fraud attempts.

Marketing Campaigns
It is pivotal that you advertise your casino – your gaming venue is doomed otherwise. As we said, new betting sites are being opened each day. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract players to your gaming site. 

To put it simply, if you launch a successful marketing campaign, your casino will prosper. However, this is easier said than done. Players are bombarded with advertisements of betting sites all the time. Thus, you have to create a marketing campaign that stands out from the rest in order to attract customers. Hopefully, with a little help from us, you will succeed in launching a successful marketing campaign. 

One way to attract players is choosing the route of affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliates market your gaming venue and receive a fee based on the amount of players they manage to attract to your casino. 
Affiliates utilise numerous methods to advertise casinos. The most preferred marketing techniques used by affiliates include a website and domain, owned by the affiliate, as well as numerous search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Additionally, affiliates often employ ads and links which can direct customers to your gaming site. 

Believe it or not, attracting customers to your site is not enough – you should aim at making your casual customers loyal. Loyalty programs and promotions come here. Most online casino operators use sign up bonuses, no deposit or deposit bonuses, etc. Free spins and free bets are another widely used method to attract loyal customers.