It all started out as a bit of fun. We played around with our friends online to spare some free time and have a laugh. Fast forward a couple of years - we have professional gamers who earn their bread and butter with accurate virtual shooting, elaborate strategizing in battlefield simulators, card counting, slot swinging. We've come a long way with this entertaining way to spend hours, if not days, of our lives. We went through a legitimate paradigm shift, the landscape has changed and projections tell us that we didn't see anything yet! 

With time the number of pro players would only get bigger, and their royalties would follow suit. It's a booming entity that turned regular guys into world-famous personalities, gave them an opportunity to prove how skillful and talented they are. After dealing with years of derogatory lectures about how useless the games are, they were proven sane and shut the critics up once and for all. It's a huge victory for young gaming community! It's a victory for those who don't like to follow the mainstream model of behaving and chase their dreams with passion and spirit. 

To get involved you don't necessarily have to be hogging all the action. You can easily join millions and millions of spectators around the world who also aspire to be champions. This activity already rewarded dedicated players who chose to broadcast their experience to the worldwide audience through Youtube and Twitch. The thing is, you don't have to be insanely good to feel the benefits of playing online. Sometimes you have to be entertaining, other times luck will cover you up. The doors of this fascinating world are open for everyone, your kids may become decorated players and make you rich one day! 

That doesn't mean that only millennials have a chance to become star bound, break out from obscurity. Gaming is for everyone, despite stereotypical adult beliefs, nobody restricts you from diving into this universe. No matter how old or young you are, you have a chance to be the "chosen one"! The variety of games and platforms gives you an option to choose something close to your heart. If you are "too old" for some plays, then surely you could use your experience and skill in classic casino inspired games! You can play online slots in Canada to chase the golden ticket to the dreamland! 

The beauty of the Internet is in its unlimited power to connect people and pay them back. A pipe dream became a reality overnight and only God can see how big this industry will be in five years time. It's growing not by days, not by hours, but by minutes and seconds. We are on the cusp of something great! With so many people interested in playing for money we will inevitably have a platform to try our hand too. The army of believers that knew they had a point already proved that everything is possible if you invest time and effort into your hobby!