They say that every occasion is a Rolex occasion – and parties even more so. For all the rich heritage attached to the legendary timepieces from the Swiss watchmaker, there is also an unmistakable nod to glamour, glitz and revelry. From movie stars to rock stars throughout the decades, the most popular personalities across the world have carved an enticing image for Rolex. The versatility of Rolex watches, therefore, means that they look as spectacular on solemn occasions as electric they look in parties.

For a night full of raucous dancing, sparkling conversations, raucous laughter, and ecstatic music, a Rolex watch represents a great ice-breaker, compliment catcher and style maker for both men and women. Finding Rolex watches is not difficult at all, and if your preference is to visit the store in search of the perfect Rolex watch, then you can always locate one of the genuine authorised dealers in your city, such as Ethos Watch Boutiques. But, before doing that, decide the perfect Rolex watch you would love to buy and flaunt at parties from four stunning options mentioned below:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

What better watch for guys to set the pulses racing at a party than a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona which was designed especially for professional racing drivers back in the day? The sporty and masculine look of this 18 ct white gold beauty leaves a dazzling impression almost instantaneously, while the complex blue dial mimics the depth of the night sprinkled with an occasional flair of red. The trademark Oyster bracelet adds to the glam factor of this watch, and grips the wrist so perfectly that you need not worry about your watch while engaging in energy-sapping dancing sessions. And with all the glamour, you also get a highly precise 4130 movement, 100 m waterproof depth, and an effortlessly functioning chronograph!

Rolex Submariner Date

A dual tone Oyster bracelet, a stunning blue-gold dial, the gloriously designed rotatable Cerachrom bezel, and luminescent hour markers make the latest Rolex Submariner Date one of the most prized Rolex watches for men. Wear it to that huge bash and quickly find yourself turning into the cynosure of all eyes – such is the visual impact of the decidedly gorgeous Rolex Submariner Date. Gold and steel combine as the trademark Rolesor to create a harmonious hue while the luscious blue colour of the distinctive dial makes this watch fit for the royals. It also features luminescent hour markers in various geometric shapes, leaving a glowing aftermath in the dark of the party. Another distinctive feature is the crown-like Cerachrom unidirectional rotatable bezel that comes in handy during deep sea diving.

Rolex Pearlmaster 34

A diamond are a woman’s best friends – so they say. It was, therefore, never a question to have left out this diamond and gold timeless beauty from this list of the best party Rolex timepieces to buy right now. The Rolex Pearlmaster 34 in white gold and diamond is Rolex’s crowning jewellery watch, and probably their most ethereal watch. The rich diamond-paved dial have exclusive 18 ct white gold gem settings finely carved by hands of the most gifted sculptors wherein nest enchanting diamonds like stars in the night sky. Sparkle your admirers at a party and make a style statement of eternal luxury in this Pearlmaster that also features a 2236 self-winding movement and a luxurious cyclops lens for the date.

Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

What’s an accessory at a party without a hint of royal hues in its creation? The Rolex Lady-Datejust 28 is one of the most imaginative and colourful Rolex watches for women that will allow you to bring hypnotic colour to the parties you attend. Its highly distinctive aesthetic is down to its fashionably unique lavender dial and 18 ct gold and diamond-studded hour markers and bezel that together create a stunning look for a woman’s watch unlike ever before. This model features Rolex’s yellow gold that blends playfully with the overall colour scheme of the timepiece that also features a Jubilee bracelet, a highly precise 2236 movement and a cyclops lens.

Get ready to take the centre-stage at your parties with one of these perfect Rolex watches, and make the night your own.