Is there anything better than pizza? That’s a subjective question; there aren’t many who wouldn’t agree that pizza is just awesome. There are probably a million different recipes out there for pizza dough, but in the end the taste really depends on how you cook it and store it. If you run a pizza business, the quality of your product is going to rely heavily on the way that you keep your pizza warm -- or don’t. 

No one wants a pizza that is cold with coagulated cheese, which is why choosing the right warming equipment can make or break your pizza restaurant, and especially your delivery service.

Whether you own a pizza restaurant with a delivery service or a concession stand that sells pizza slices, how you keep your pizza warm affects its overall taste and consistency. Although it’s an additional expense, investing in the right pizza warmer is one of the best investments you can make for the success of your operation.

Before you start to look around for a warming oven, you have to determine your budget and the capacity you will need it to accommodate. There are different kinds of warming equipment that you can use to keep your pizza delicious; it is all about your individual needs.

Electric holding cabinets

If you are holding many pizzas for an entire day or for extended periods of time, and want them to stay fresh-out-of-the-oven good for hours, then an electric holding cabinet might be your best bet. Electric holding cabinets keep food hot and ready until the pizza is ordered. That allows you to make pizza ahead of time and cut down on customer wait times.

The size of an electric holding cabinet can vary. There are countertop models that can hold about a dozen pizzas, and other versions that can hold about a smaller pizza and can be moved from place to place like for a pushcart or delivery service.

A full-sized cabinet is extremely large and can hold about two dozen full-sized pizzas. There are cabinets that are mounted on casters so that you can move pizzas around while still keeping them hot and fresh. The best part about an electric holding cabinet is that it maintains a steady temperature and can be transported short distances. 

A holding cabinet isn’t just for pizza warming; if you have a delivery service or concession stand that sells more than pizza, a cabinet is ideal to keep foods insulated. Everything from cheese sticks to chicken wings will taste like they just came out of the oven.

For extra convenience, a cabinet with a pass-thru door gives access to the cashier and the kitchen. That means that one can supply the pizza while the other takes and distributes it to the customer. You can also have cabinets located at different ends of your establishment to cut down on people bumping into one another while grabbing what they need.

Pizza delivery bags

One of the most popular pizza-warming alternatives is the delivery bag. It helps to transport pizzas hot when they come out of the oven. Made for transporting short distances and time, they are insulted bags that keep the temperature up for about an hour or so. Pizza bags come in various sizes, but typically they are about 18 to 22 inches to accommodate an individual order. They are then stacked to go out for delivery. More for single use, they are ideal for pizza delivery, but not really a good option for a restaurant.

Countertop pizza warming

If you run a pizza buffet-type establishment, then countertop pizza-warming equipment would be your best bet. They are great for keeping pizza hot while it is out for display. Simple warming trays keep individual pieces warm from underneath until a customer chooses it.  There is also equipment available that heats from above with heating lamps. It’s a less consistent way to keep the crust warm, but if there is a short wait time, heating lamps can substitute just as well.

The key to pizza is the crust, which is best when it is fresh out of the oven. If you own a business where keeping pizza warm and tasting still fresh out of the oven is critical, then investing in good pizza-warming equipment might be the best way to go.