A mobile business is anything you do to earn money that involves you taking your skills or service on the road, and is epitomized by handymen such as plumbers, electricians and landscape designers who’ll need their expensive and heavy tools transported to work at the homes of clients in a variety of neighborhoods around your own home. It’s a lucrative and work-as-you-please way of earning a living that comes with many benefits, but setting up your business to excel take a few points of planning, which are outlined below.


In order to please and keep your clients when you’re operating a mobile business, you’ll need to have the right amount of training under your belt so that people come to recommend you and ask you back instead of looking for a new tradesman who’s not learning on the job. Taking courses at a college or performing an apprenticeship is the most reliable and simple ways to learn your trade, though it’s not unheard of for people to use internet resources in order to attain skills at home, saving on the costs of tuition. Once you’ve got the skills, it’s a job for life, so it’s a worthy investment either way.

Invest in Your Vehicle

The key to a mobile business is a reliable vehicle - usually a van - in which to store all the necessary tools for the job at hand. Visit Vansales.com to unearth the best deals on new and used vans that you feel will fit your specifications, and purchase a van that will be your reliable form of transportation to and from jobs. Once you’ve got your van, you’ll be able to deck it out with all the interior tool-storage features you want, concentrating on what tools you’re likely to need access to the most, which should be positioned directly next to the side or rear doors. 

Build a Client Base

Your next task is to build a base of clients in the local area so that you’ve always got work coming in. It takes time, but with a little self-promotion and perhaps a dash of marketing, you’ll quickly find your service is in demand and desired by everyone from neighbors to those in outlying villages in your county. As always with locally-based business, word of mouth is the best policy for gathering a clientele that’ll always come to you when they require the services of someone with your skills. This means being kind, friendly, punctual and honest with each client in order to gain their trust and their advocacy.

Website and Social Media

To enhance your workload, should you want to, you can always turn to the digital realm, where a simple website and social media presence will enable people looking for your services to find you with a simple Google or Facebook search. Both platforms also provide extra marketing opportunities should you wish to try your hand at digital marketing; find out more about that side of things by doing some research online.

Mobile businesses are reliable and lucrative jobs for life, so use these tips to guide you into a secure and enjoyable job that relies on your mobility and the value of your skills.