Lawyers of Distinction is one of the most prestigious societies or groups that a lawyer can be a part of. With a rigorous vetting process and many standards needing to be met in order to move on to selection, becoming a member of Lawyers of Distinction is an honor within the profession. Members receive a plaque that can be displayed in their office to designate their membership as well as show clients the group they belong to and honor that they received. 

Along with that, members will be involved in a national press release, which notes your induction into the group. Members will also be allowed to use the Lawyers of Distinction logo and trademark on any business related letterheads or marketing tools. The membership directory get over 5000 views per day and as a member, your profile will be part of those that are viewed. The membership roster will be published in the ABA Journal, USA Today, and New York Times just to name a few. 

For this group, you can either nominate yourself or have a peer nominate you for the honor. If you’re accepted into the society, you’ll receive all of the above benefits and more while keeping your membership active. Many lawyers that were chosen to be a part of Lawyers of Distinction believes it was one of the best career-moves they’ve made in a while. Below are some of the member reviews that particularly stand out. 

“Joining Lawyers of Distinction has been one of the most lucrative decisions I have made for my practice thus far. The network of elite attorneys is only one of the advantages you receive as a member, that coupled with the other amazing benefits I gained has grown my firm to an amount I never though was scalable in such a short period of time. Needless to say, I highly recommend Lawyers of Distinction.”

Khambrel Davis

“Lawyers of Distinction is a professional organization which has surpassed all of my expectations. It is a wonderful distinction and the beautifully delivered plaque and glass counter display are not just incredibly prestigious display items your clients will take notice of, they speak to your level of accomplishment and recognition in your area of practice. The plaque and glass counter display I receive were beautifully and impeccably packed in special thick lined book style boxes, which are as nice as the ones, if not better, than hose I have had fine art delivered in. The quality of the items delivered by the Lawyers of Distinction can be seen on my office page…my website people are beginning the process of posting the Lawyers of Distinction badges. Listing on their website, links to your own website, marketing and a bit of bragging rights are all part of the notable benefits for those selected. I must say as well, that they have also been on top of any questions or concerns I had, with e-mail responses being issued both thoughtfully and without delay. After twenty-five years in practice as a divorce attorney, with many accolades, Lawyers of Distinction has provided a first rate, flawless experience, which I have no qualms about recommending to those privileged enough to be selected.”

-Todd J. Zimmer 

“It is an honor to be a member of LoD (Lawyers of Distinction) and a privilege to share experiences and expertise with other dedicated attorneys. I appreciated the nomination by my peers to join Lod and the warm welcome I received as a new member. Everything LoD does is first class- from the awards and plaques to the online website, bios, and press releases. I am proud to be a member of LoD, representing the top 10% of US attorneys, and to receive special recognition for 20 years of pro bono legal service and representation.” 

-Linda Naimi 

Lawyers of Distinction is a great honor in the industry of attorneys. If you think that you, or someone you know should become a member, nominate them today.