Cockroaches are the uninvited guests in your kitchen. They love to live with us. They multiply rapidly. If you see even one small cockroach crawling on the shelf of your kitchen, you might suspect an army of cockroaches invading your kitchen. Their most favorite place is your kitchen cabinet. They sneak around and hide in the corners of your cabinet. 

Cockroaches mostly take over your kitchen at night to look for food. They love oily and greasy food. No matter how hard to try to get rid of them. They don’t leave your kitchen.
To prevent your kitchen cabinets from this disgusting creature, we have some easy home remedies to kill roach

Keep your kitchen clean:
Having a cockroach sneaking around your house is a sign that your kitchen is dirty. A dirty kitchen is an open invitation to the cockroaches. Roaches love to feed on crumbs and spills. Make sure that you clean the shelves of your kitchen properly. Make sure that you don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink at night. Ensure that the food containers in your kitchen cabinets are clean and sealed properly. 

Take your trash out regularly:
To avoid attracting cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets, make it a point that you clean your trash bins regularly. Empty the trash can completely. Having a trash can with a lid keeps the cockroaches away. Make sure that you keep your trash cans clean.
Block the entry points:
Cockroaches love to live in damp and dark places. They hide under your kitchen appliances, behind the refrigerator, and your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you don’t leave your kitchen cabinets open at night. Make sure that you shut the windows and doors of your house properly. Get rid of holes and large openings. Roaches enter your kitchen through them. 

Use boric powder to get rid of cockroaches:
Using boric powder to prevent cockroaches from your kitchen cabinet is a very effective way. Once the roach takes a bite of the mixture, they die right away. Sprinkle the boric acid powder at the corners of your kitchen cabinet, behind the refrigerator, and the kitchen stove. 
Baking soda and Sugar:
The mixture of baking soda and sugar is also an effective home remedy to kill roaches. By mixing these two ingredients in equal proportion you are able to make an effective solution for getting rid of disgusting roaches. Sprinkle the mixture where your uninvited guests can find it. You will be able to get rid of these creepy creatures. 

These are a few remedies to get rid of roaches from your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you clean your kitchen regularly. Mop the kitchen floors every day. Clean the accidental spills immediately.

By taking the necessary measures you will be able to kick the unwanted guests out of your house. You have to get rid of them by taking fast actions. They multiply quickly and survive for several months in your house. 

Cleanliness is the key to preventing cockroaches from entering your kitchen or house. Make sure that you keep your kitchen cabinets clean so that you don’t attract unwanted tenants.