Cryptocurrencies have now been trending for a while, and unlike so many options on money making, investing in cryptocurrency is proving a hit. It’s legitimate and safe to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

The new cryptocurrency pushes up initial coin offering through airdrop system which makes entering of the coins accessible in the market. But some of us are still not aware of what an airdrop means regarding ICO or initial coin offering. 

So in this article, we will first tell you about airdrop in coin offering and then give you some beneficial information on how you can make big money from such airdrop ICO.

Regarding cryptocurrency, an airdrop is a method where new tokens or coins are issued by the issuing company to select investors who already hold some amount of a particular coin. Like if a new coin is introduced, the company can target to distribute it only to investors holding ethereum or bitcoin. 
 Now, this can be a good turning point for investors, if you take it the other way round. That means if you already have bitcoin or ethereum you can claim the new token from the airdrop and be the first holders of the coin. 

So now you can guess why they are called airdrop! Just because they are kinda dropped free of cost into your wallet. Just as they say, “ it’s raining money”... literally.

But why do you need airdrop? Issuing authority of the coin are very wise, they know the benefits of deploying the airdrop technique, and hence they choose it. 

Here are some other benefits of using the airdrop technique:

●    Airdrop allows controlling the holding. The insurer controls whom he is giving the coins and how much. So the distribution is direct and not centralized.
●    Airdrop is also used to reward those early investors who invested in the coins by giving them free coins or tokens. 
●    It advertises the token or coins offered into the market and create awareness about it. 
●    It’s a good marketing strategy 

Now airdrop can prove very beneficial when I talk about holders. So if you are already in the game, and have bitcoins or ethereum or Litecoins, then you are the privileged one. You would be among the first holders of the token offers free of cost. As the price rises for the token introduced,  you will start making a profit with zero investment in it. 

I am not scaring you it’s just a word of caution seeing the increasing number of frauds that are happening with cryptocurrencies. Be very cautious of the airdrop token. Don’t fall for it, since they are free. It can be fake. 
Always test the legitimacy of the airdrop ICO before you take the offer. Never go in the name of the company. Take a thorough checking, if possible contact the issuing company in person. 
If your algorithm sets foot with the new token, you have some real good bucks in your pocket. But exercise discretion is required, and you must be vigilant when it comes to ICO with airdrop, or you can get more information at