In order to make the most of your time here on earth, you will need to introduce structure into your life. Otherwise, you may find yourself drifting through your days with no real purpose. If your life is really out of control, you might even find yourself plagued with stress and anxiety. Have no fear! There are plenty of opportunities for you to turn things around. Below are seven steps that will help you to do this. 

Give up bad habits
If you are determined to live a life of stability and structure, it is important that you endeavor to give up bad habits. Failing to take this step will make it impossible for you to move towards a bright future. That is why you should evaluate every aspect of your life and look out for opportunities to make positive changes. For instance, if you have a weakness for alcohol, you should find out how to quit drinking. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to maintain a clear mind and a healthy body. You should also do plenty of research if you are struggling with issues such as gambling, overeating, smoking, and drug use. Instead of burying your head in the sand, you need to be honest about the decisions that you are making. Then, you need to settle on a suitable resolution. 

Establish a clear bedtime regime
Although working through bad habits is an important first step, your journey should not stop there. Instead, you should make an effort to introduce positive habits into your life. One way of doing this is by establishing a clear bedtime regime. This is a fantastic way for you to boost your energy levels and to reduce your stress levels. Even if you struggle with insomnia, it is still possible to take control of your sleeping pattern. Firstly, you will need to limit your exposure to technology in the evenings. Then, you should think about investing in a white noise machine or noise canceling headphones. Last but not least, you should explore the many benefits of meditation. Once you have put these measures into place, it won’t be long until you are enjoying plenty of deep sleep

Surround yourself with reliable people
The next step is to surround yourself with reliable people. If you are going to start holding yourself accountable, you will benefit from spending time with individuals who share your outlook and inspire you to do better. Try to look out for members of your social circle who are particularly dependable. Perhaps you have a friend who always manages to show up at least five minutes early for every event. Maybe you have a work colleague who never fails to meet their deadlines. These are the people that you should associate with. Hopefully, over time, you will begin to pick up their habits. You could even ask them for advice and find out how they manage to live their life the way they do. 

Experiment with different ways of keeping yourself accountable
Whilst it is important that you take inspiration from the people around you, it is also vital that you play to your own strengths. If you are going to introduce structure into your life, you need to do so in a way that works for you. That is why you should experiment with different ways of keeping yourself accountable. This could involve anything from to-do lists to mind maps. You could even make use of technology and carry out all of your planning via your digital devices. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you persevere. If you push forward with your efforts, it won’t be long until you find an approach that suits your needs. 

Make the most of your free time
If you are already struggling to manage a busy schedule, it is important that you find an organization technique that is sympathetic to your hectic lifestyle. You can achieve this by making the most of your free time. Instead of leaving everything until the last minute, you should try your best to be at least two steps ahead of the game. For example, if you are hoping to follow a diet plan, you could pre-prepare your meals at the weekend and then freeze individual portions. Or, if you would like to take control of your appearance, you could plan all of your outfits the night before and save yourself from rushing in the mornings. 

Consider taking on extra responsibilities
On the other hand, you might find that there is too much room in your schedule. Perhaps you have regularly sat around with nothing to do. This can lead to boredom, a lack of motivation, and an absence of structure. If you are struggling with this, you should consider taking on extra responsibilities. This is a great way for you to ensure you are always up and moving. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to bring a sense of purpose into your life, as opposed to drifting aimlessly from one activity to another. Why not see if you could help out an elderly neighbor or try your hand at becoming a youth mentor? Alternatively, you could test yourself by adopting a pet from your local shelter. If you are responsible for another life, you will have no choice but to live a life of order and control. 
Look out for times when you can just let loose 
Last but not least, you should look out for times when you can just let loose. Even the most responsible individuals need to get wild every now and again. That is why you should find plenty of adrenaline-fueled activities that you can enjoy. You should also find yourself a creative outlet that will provide you with a chance to think outside the box. Taking this step will prevent you from growing tired of your structured lifestyle. Why limit yourself, when you have the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds?