Working with wood is not an easy task as it seems. It requires sheer skill and precision to produce the desired results. Moreover, using the right drill press can a direct impact on the results being produced. Features of a drill press greatly improves efficiency and workflow. 

A drill press is a more advanced and powerful version of standard hand drill. The rotating wheel raises and lowers the drill bit depending on the direction of wheel turn allowing user to drill holes in variety of depths. Machines are also available in different speeds. 

Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of drill presses available in the market making it difficult for users to choose the right one. Here is how you can choose the best drill press for your workshop:

1. Model type

There are various type of drill presses, such as a radial drill press. So it is necessary to inquire into the model before you make any purchase. There are generally two kinds: bench top model and floor model. A floor model is a good option for bigger projects because there is a broader range of accessories while bench top models are typically better for small projects. It even saves space inside a smaller shop.

2. Depth stop

A device that ensures all holes are drilled at constant depths is called the depth stop. It is highly useful when drilling a lot of holes and when the depths are needed to be consistent. 

3. Horsepower

More horsepower is needed in order to drill larger and deeper holes through harder and tougher materials like solid metals. Tougher material can be handled if there is more horsepower. 

4. Weight

Weight is a very important factor to take into account when purchasing a drill press. Drill press is a mechanical unit that utilizes the centrifugal force to cut things into different materials. It can create vibrations especially when something is rotating at high speeds. A heavier unit will be easier to work with since lightweight units will cause shakiness in the work. Heavier units allow to work more smoothly and will not move around much.

5. Accessories

There is a number of accessories that comes with drill presses. They are designed to enhance functionality and usability of the device. For instance, drill press clamps can be used to hold project in place while working which increase the efficiency. Sanding and mortising attachments are available as well. 

6. Maintenance

If you are using your drill press frequently, then it would require proper care and maintenance. You want to make routine maintenance as quick and easy as possible to avoid any inconvenience. Not all manufacturers have replacement parts easily available. Some even require their units to be serviced by qualified personnel only which means spending a lot of money on the replacement parts. 


Here were some important factors to take into account when purchasing a drill press. Taking into account this considerations would allow you to put your hands on the best option.