There are few sports as rich in history and ancestry as golfing. It is an integral part of so many people’s lives – and for good reason: golf is a unifier. When it comes down to business networking, there is no game like it to get a bunch of people working together (as well as against each other, of course), especially if takes place somewhere different to the usual corporate towers.  

So, if you’re thinking of strengthening your contacts in a new way, this guide to the best golf travel destinations for business networking will help you with just that.

1. Scotland
You can’t start a golfing destination list without going straight to Scotland, the home of golf. Immediately you are taken to the home of the sport and there is an entirely different feel when golfing in Scotland compared to anywhere else in the.

Although St Andrew’s Old Course is a hit for golfing in Scotland, the Royal Dornoch, established in 1616, is perfect for business networking and sporting. 

It provides a unique golfing and travel experience seeing as it is situated in the stunning Scottish Highlands and is thus every true golfer’s dream. In terms of that all-important business networking, the Royal Dornoch is great for that and allows you to tailor your events to your own preferences. 

2. Italy
Italy is not a country you would usually associate with golf, though it has almost 300 golf courses in total. The European charm of Italy is irresistible and while business networking, you can’t really ask for anything more. The charisma of the country itself extends right onto its golf courses, including the Olgiata Golf Club in the capital of Rome and the Castelfafi Golf Club in Tuscany. 

Castelfafi is just as elegant as Tuscany itself and with 27 holes, it is a golf course fit for sporting enthusiasts who are networking on the side. Business networking in Italy is not something you do every day, so if you’re after a completely new experience, travelling there is the one for you. 

It’ll be slow and relaxed, just like the slow food lifestyle in the country, and something to remember and thoroughly enjoy. 

The Castelfafi Golf Club is also perfect for networking and, built on principles of sustainability, alters the mood of those you’re schmoozing with by putting them in a totally different mindset. Pack your sun lotion, you’re going to Italy!

3. California
The Golden Coast of California is always calling when it comes to business and golf. The weather, the lifestyle, the scenery – California has it all. Networking there is also accessible and seems much more logical than a major detour to Italy, so you are definitely hitting the spot here. With world-renowned courses and a stunning geographical advantage over most other places around the globe, Cali is waiting for you and your business networking party.

The Cypress Point Club on Pebble Beach is a golfing resort to behold and is rightly regarded as just that by those in the industry. However, the Pebble Beach Golf Links is just perfect for both golfing and business networking and showcases the best of California. There you can play golf in an incredibly prestigious resort, used by some of the best in history, like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, while forging a business pathway. Who knows, maybe the presence of ultra successful legends will rub off on you and this business networking trip will be one that propels you forward. 

4. Hawaii
If you thought Italy was luxurious, Hawaii is something else. Take your business networking to the next level by heading to one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world where it’s gloriously sunny, incredibly summery and absolutely stellar in terms of experience. 

You may think heading to Hawaii for golfing and business networking is really just about playing golf in the sun. But in Turtle Bay and Kailua-Kona are the most prestigious golf courses on the island and facilitate networking just like other resorts around the world. 

The Nanea Golf Club in Kailua-Kona is a great shout, as is Turtle Bay Golf on the North Shore of Oahu. Turtle Bay truly facilitates your business networking needs with five miles of event space and 25,000 square feet of indoor space and is a serial Gold Tea Award winner. It’s truly fantastic.

5. Puerto Rico
The crystal blue waters and pristine sandy beaches of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico make it one of the most extravagant places on our list, if not the most extravagant. Networking in Puerto Rico comes with one certainty: everyone there will be in a great mood. What more could you want?

Our top spots for business networking in Puerto Rico are the Ocean Course in Rio Grande and the Royal Isabela Golf Links. The Royal Isabela is suitable for both networking and golfing; its sweeping lime green grass lines the cliffs that are 200ft above the bright blue ocean alongside natural sand dunes, making it incredibly aesthetically pleasing and a fantastic course on which to golf. 
Royal Isabela also caters for events such as business networking with its private and intimate (and air-conditioned!) spaces posing as a great location to expand that ever-growing list of contacts.