We all love animals but many people don’t want a cuddlesome type of pet or have hectic schedules that don’t allow them to go for a dog walk. This is where turtles can be amazing pets. 

Turtles prefer to be alone and admired instead of handled. They require low maintenance and are easier to take care of. But in order to ensure their health and happiness, you need to have proper turtle cages. You need to spend money on their housing and other accessories to develop a desired pet-owner relationship. 

With so many options available in the market, here is how you can select the best cages for turtles:

● Type of the turtle

This is the most important factor to take into account while purchasing your cage. Aquatic turtles spend most of the time under water whereas tortoises love to spend their time on land only using water to bathe and drink. Semi-aquatic turtles are a combination of both but prefers to spend more time on land. This will determine your selection. Choose the cage according to preferences of your turtle. A cage that lacks water resources might be a bad choice for aquatic turtles and cages lacking enough land space will be a bad choice for tortoises. 

● Water

Water is the most important requirement whether you have an aquatic turtle or a tortoise. Both uses some amount of water. Non-chlorinated water must be employed for all the purposes to ensure their safe health. Natural spring water must be available in cages for them to drink at all the times. 

● Ventilation

Cages must be well-ventilated in order for a peaceful survival. Turtles and tortoises do not like to live in suffocated environment. In fact no one does except a few animals. Make sure there is enough supply of fresh air, the amount of heat is appropriate. Sensors or thermometers must be installed in cages as well to monitor temperature levels at all the times. Heater is also necessary to keep the water warm. Many cages come with heating pads which are installed under the water tank to maintain water temperatures. 

● Size

Size of the cage counts a lot. Especially for tortoises, you need a cage with maximum amount of space so they can move freely. Bigger, the better since you need not to buy another cage as it grows bigger. They tend to grow a lot. 

● Environment

Turtles are attracted to good environment. You need to maintain a good environment of the cage for a luxurious survival. Add plastic vegetation and clean it from dirt on regular basis. Actual plants can be good addition to the turtle’s diet but make sure plants are not poisonous to the pet. 


Taking the above factors into account is very important. Better the environment and features of cage, better standards of living. This enables to develop a good relation with your pet and it will last for a long time. Make sure you don’t skip on any one of them.