Here's a model that's got an interesting life story: Hafiia Mira fled her war-stricken home in southeastern Europe and eventually ended up as a fashion model for Kanye West. From Kosovo to USA, this is her story.

The 24-year-old Mira grew up in Kosovo. Mira is now an aspiring fashion designer, now modeling for Yeezy, Kanye's clothing line.

Mira explained that a friend of her's mentioned Mira's clothing designs to West, and after browsing her Instagram, his rep contacted Mira. It read:

“Hey, on behalf of Kanye West, we would like to invite you to New York and possibly work with us.”

Mira flew to New York and did a few castings and fittings. And now she's a model for him.

She said:

“He was very, very friendly. He’s a great guy, very inspiring. I respect anyone that works hard and follows their passion. I was quite surprised that he already knew who I was before I had even talked to him.”

Here's more of Mira: