According to Chinese psychologists, they confirm in a new study that men should not negotiate with beautiful women. That's because men are willing to sacrifice possessions, ideals and integrity to make an attractive woman happy.

It sounds like James Bond's recurring problem.

The study was done by the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University, and they recruited 21 male subjects between the ages of 18-26 to participate in a computerized ultimatum game with two separate groups of women, both attractive and unattractive.

The game involved a bartering system that used small amounts of money as trading currency and the study found that women who were more attractive, repeatedly negotiated higher amounts of money.

They were also able to do it faster than women who were considered unattractive.

So if you're going in to a room to negotiate a business deal, just look away if the women are beautiful to you.

The psychologists believe that a man who concedes to the demands of a beautiful woman is said to "arouse his reward-related neural circuitries."

In other words, he might think he could get lucky?