"Cougars" (mature women with a young lover) are becoming more and more common around the world. We decided to find out why this is happening and how we feel about it.

Literally, it's "a mom I'd like to have sex with" MILF - first used in the teen comedy American Pie in reference to Stifler's famous mom.

It turned out that there are a lot of mature women who look simply stunning around us and every year there are more and more. At the same time, they are not only beautiful but also sexy in a special way. They do not deny themselves anything and they know what they want. Which is not surprising. Scientists have recently found out that it is the MILF category that accounts for the peak of female sexuality. This is not so much due to the “last hormonal surge before fading,” as is commonly believed, but to the fact that at this age a woman is more familiar with her body. In addition, children are most often already grown up, so there is time and resources (after all, many modern women are pursuing a career in the same way as men) that can be devoted to taking care of their bodies and enjoying themselves.

Now to get to the main question, who do these hot beauties prefer? To answer this question, we bring your attention to the American term - cougar, or "puma", mature women who go after young lovers. Some of today’s representations of a few famous cougar icons would be Madonna, Mariah Carey, or Demi Moore. It turns out that in the modern world being a “puma” is a very popular trend. In 2020, 34% of single women aged 40 to 50 dated men younger than themselves. Unfortunately, due to obvious reasons, it is unlikely to know what percent of non-single women did this, but we suspect if we had this data, this percent of older women dating younger men would be even higher than originally calculated.

How was this term derived? It was originally a somewhat humorous term in the US. This name was given to mature women in leopard leggings who go to bars in search of "prey" - young boys for one night. "Boys of easy virtue", who are not against sex for gifts, and sometimes just for money, were also called cubs (cub of a large predator). In the decade since the emergence of this term, women have become even more bold and openly proclaim: yes, we are predators, graceful and dangerous. We are not interested in aged, dull husbands of our age, but we are interested in provocative adventures with young people, which in some cases even end in a completely happy new marriage.

There are even special porno gratis sites where cougars look for their boy toys. Mature women who know exactly what they want are powerful. When a strong woman has her prey in her sights, there’s probably very little to dissuade her from taking what she wants. It's becoming increasingly common to see Americans and Europeans travel to developing countries such as Asia and Africa and bring home boy toys from these exotic places. For many locals, this has become a way to escape from poverty and lawlessness in their homeland, and be escorted into the "first world". Who is to say if these arranged partnerships will result in a long lasting relationship, but it is certain that a happy woman in the bedroom with a handsome young partner to share her bed with typically leads to an unforgettable sexual experience for both parties.