Whether it was the spur of the moment or totally unintentional, we've all said things and secretly hoped that people hadn't noticed. Compare your own experiences with these common examples below:

1. Congratulating a woman on her pregnancy when she’s not expecting.

You: Congratulations! When is the baby due?
Her: I'm not pregnant.

2. Revealing a friend’s secret you thought was common knowledge.

You: It's just like that time when Jack and Jill were getting a divorce (and you suddenly remember they’re keeping it hush-hush).

3. Assuming a relationship between two people.

You: Hey, have you met my new friends. This is Ben and his girlfriend Jane.
Them: We're cousins.

4. Calling someone by the wrong name.

You: Just make sure not to ask Dave to come. I can't stand that guy.
Dave: Actually, I’m Dave. I think you mean someone else.

5. Criticizing a lifestyle only to realize the person you’re talking to is a convert.

You: I've heard that Scientologists aren't even allowed to have birthdays. How horrible!
Jacob: Actually that's untrue. I would know since I've been a Scientologist for nearly a decade.

6. Mistaking the gender of a child.

You: How adorable, what's her name?
Child: My name is Johnathan.

7. Inquiring about the health of someone who has passed away.

You: Whatever happened to great Aunt Hilda, she never shows up for Thanksgiving.
Your dad: That's because she's been dead for the past three years.