Just recently, the yoga breastfeeding mom Amy Woodruff's inverted Instagram breastfeeding pose received plenty of attention from the Internet. And then Instagram suspended her account.

The much-loved Daughter of the Sun account was suspended, presumably for the nakedness of the image that went viral. Woodruff's account featured photos of her and her family traipsing across the scenic wilds of Hawaii. She has some 10,000 followers, which then swelled to 14,000 after an August 6 interview.

The breastfeeding photo that was taken by Woodruff's partner in 2011 when they were living in a clothing-optional commune seems to be one of the reasons behind Woodruff's Instagram account suspension. When Huffpo asked Instagram for answers, Instagram responded with:
Instagram has a clear set of community guidelines that make it clear what is and isn't allowed. While we cannot comment on individual accounts, we followed our usual protocol on this occasion and took action on content that broke our community guidelines. We encourage people who come across content that makes them uncomfortable to report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo or video on Instagram.
Of course, Woodruff insists that none of her photos have violated the Instagram’s Rules of Modesty & Etiquette. Woodruff's fans are currently building support at #savedaughterofthesun.