Google Glass is making its way to your face and everywhere. Even better, it's now it's making its way into the fashion world. In Vogue's September issue, a 12-page spread shows us that Glass has come for haute couture.

The NYTimes reports that the top tiers of the Glass team are made up of women, and lead industrial designer Isabelle Olsson is one of the ladies trying to make Glass a must-have accessory. She tells the Times:
Most of the people who stop me on the street are women. Women have a different reaction than when they see some dude wearing it. It makes a difference seeing it on me.
Olsson has collaborated with designers like Diane von Furstenberg to have Glass on the runways of Fashion Week. Von Furstenberg told the Times, “I think to wear Glass is to show that you are engaged, you are current, you are open to new things.”

However, whether Glass can make an influential mark on fashion remains to be seen.